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Finding the dominant Lady of your dreams …



Dear Reader,

What I’m going to say is likely going to sound like familiar “advice” for those that are regular “Mike Watson readers” – as I’ve outlined this same thing in various shapes, forms and guises in most of my writings (look for it if you missed it tho!).

But for the rest of you – specifically, those that this post is intended for i.e. guys that constantly complain about not being able to find “the right lady” – well – read on!

You’ll note I said “right lady” as opposed to “Dominant” lady, and with good reason. The core principles at play here remain the SAME.

Lots of guys have this complaint, by the way. I hear it all the time, and constantly get asked questions along the following lines –

“You’re attached already; yet you attract so many women!”

“We never have any real luck with Chinese girls – – but thats clearly not the case with you – – and you don’t even TRY!”

And so forth.

And no, this is not a “chest thumping” or “counting the notches on the bed post” exercise. In fact if anything I’ve got precious few real notches on the bedpost (in the sense that you’d think) – simply because …. well, it should be self explanatory!

But really – the main thing here to bear in mind, guys is to let your MIND do the work when you first meet a woman you like – as opposed to your “little head”.

Too many guys start off online conversations “hot and sweaty” along the lines of “Hi Honey! You look beautiful! I wouldn’t mind worshipping your feet!”

Bear in mind – this is a complete stranger you’re talking to – and why on earth would she (or he, or anyone with any sense of self worth) want a complete STRANGER at their feet, or any of their body parts?

And so forth.

Just because you have a fetish doesn’t mean that a) she’s into it and b) that she will “indulge” you even if she is into it – – but your chances DO increase exponentially if you simply “man up” and talk to her normally – and get to know her – as a PERSON – as opposed to an object!

When I first met the lovely Sophia Bai online, I did NOT reference her feet (ugly or not is another debate – but that’s mentioned in the story;-)).

I liked her for whatever reason, and had fun chatting with her, and well – – where did it end up?

Empress Cody was the one who suggested this name for her, and believe me, though I was “required” to do certain things for her even before I wrote the tale – – there was NO mention of BDSM made at the outset – – other than me simply acquiescing to what she wanted – – without expecting much or anything in return at all, and thats what made it fun. 😉

Ditto for the lovely Pearl – – she did NOT start out being a “financial domina” (of sorts) from the outset, but when she did – BOY – did the sparks fly?! I’ve outlined more on that here, btw – –

There’s an important lesson to be learned here, me thinks. It should be obvious, but so many guys overlook the obvious that it’s just amazing …

I’ll write more on this in the future – – but for now — remember to approach her as a person and a lady first, and an “object” of your fetish next, or later, or even last!

This may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s really not.

On that note, I’ve written a lot about this in a manual I recently put out – and it’s available right HERE – – . For those that are “struggling” with what I’ve mentioned above – – well – – this might be a good (as well as interesting!) read.

And YES – what I’ve mentioned therein is as applicable to ladies anywhere as it is Chinese ladies. I simply mention Chinese ladies because, well … well, you’ll get the drift once you read. 😉

OK – that’s it for now. My apologies yet again for the server issues we’ve been encountering as of late, as well as for the sporadic nature of my posts – – I’ll do my best to rectify this!


Mike Watson