Princess Tina, and her dutiful servant … Miss Yang!

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Princess Tina, and her dutiful servant … Miss Yang!



Dear Reader,

So, it’s been an interesting day so far – – and a very happy one, to say the least!

Those of you that are regular readers will remember the email I wrote on serving her as SHE prefers – as opposed to trying to “top from the bottom”, and the gorgeous Chinese lady I mentioned in that email.

I probably didn’t do enough justice to this lady’s looks in that email (and yes, while the mind is by far the most important when it comes to femdom – good looks don’t hurt either – and in any case, it’s my job to compliment her daily in private no matter what – she DESERVES an “ego boost” – so why not here? ;)).

Long flowing black hair, lovely full lips, and those lovely black, gleaming Chinese eyes – – with that look in them, oh, that all so sexy look – – and a feminine tinkling voice, and I get a hard on damn near every time she looks at me and giggles!

I’m not chaste as yet in terms of a chastity belt (at least not as of now, hehe) – – but I don’t really get a lot of sex due to many reasons, and I love that!

Anyway, being we are currently physically apart (she is married, and often returns home to be with her husband as well – who apparently doesn’t appreciate the GEM of a lady he has – guys listen up here!) – I was chatting with her yesterday online as I said – and today too.

I messaged her last night as is my wont, but she didnt reply. And I went to bed with a giant hard on, all the time thinking about her foot kicking me in (sometimes feigned) irritation and annoyance if I don’t cook her meals JUST as she prefers – or don’t massage her JUST as she likes — or if she’s irritated at something in general, hehe.

That’s my job – – to be there for her when she needs to vent – – to be her bitch – – her servant – – and her FEMALE servant at that, and … ah, b you know that already!

“Madam, I couldn’t sleep well last night. I was thinking of you!”, I Said.

“No wonder”, she replied. Giggle, giggle. “I couldn’t sleep well too, boy!”

“I dreamt of you. I was rubbing your feet and waist with that scented oil you so love – – wasn’t it relaxing, Madam?”

Titter, titter. No response.

(Shades of Madam Pearl, amyone??)

“Madam, was I a woman in another life?” I timidly asked her.

And she literally “laughed out loud” – – this time on a voice message!

“What about my name, Madam? A nice, feminine sounding Chinese name …. “, I continued – blushing crimson – but something in my pants wouldn’t stop “growing”!

“Why not choose it yourself, boy?”, she asked.

“It’s important you like it, Madam”, I responded.

Pregnant pause, and then ….

“Guang Yang! Beautiful as a jade, with masculine qualities” … she pronounced, and as soon as I heard her – I KNEW this would be my name – Chinese name – it had just the right ring to it, hehe.

“Like a ladyboy, Madam”, I asked her, laughing myself.

“Jing Xuan”, she continued, giggling. “More choices for you, boy!”

Now, I already have an English “female” name, hehe – in fact quite a few – and while I haven’t brought those up in emails here, I will in the future. But this one is special, simply because Princess Tina (her name) is the first lady thats given me a Chinese name, and you know how it is when dealing with someone from a different culture, don’t you?

Somehow, when she says “servant” – it doesn’t quite carry the same “buzz” as “pu ren” (servant in Mandarin Chinese does!

Her language – -and her dominating you in HER language, in her STYLE – – God(dess!) what a turn on it is!

Not to mention that it’s one of the biggest honors she could have bestowed upon me, and I wasn’t shy about telling her either! After all, a lady allowing you to serve her like the Goddess she is already a huge honor – – and when she goes further and further, and gives you a female name, and assigns you more duties – – well – – it;s manna from heaven for us submissives, hehe.

So, thats my Chinese name for those of you that don’t know it. I have a “real” Chinese name as well, but I prefer Guan Yang – or Yang Yang, as Princess Tina put it.

Beautiful as a jade, with masculine qualities.


“Does your husband know how lucky he is, Madam?”

“What does he know”, she asked. Perhaps not understanding the question fully – – ah, but thats a topic for another email – likely tomorrow!

For now, it’s adios from Miss Yang – or Miss Watson – or whatever you choose to call me – – and I’ll be back tomorrow!


Mike Waton aka “Guan Yang” (Yang Yang)

P.S. – And if being assigned a woman’s name isn’t humiliating enough for you subs out there – fear NOT – humiliation goes way, way beyond that. Find out how to really take this fetish to its BASEST limits – right here –

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