My sore fingers, and pressing BETWEEN Madam’s toes!

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My sore fingers, and pressing BETWEEN Madam’s toes!



In a “Complete Guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” – I talk about doing what she wants – NOT what you want!

It’s never and not and should not be about topping from the bottom, and why?

Because that takes all the fun away, big time.


And there were few ladies other than Princess Joanie and Madam Susan that really drilled this home for me!

Anyway, it’s strange I haven’t put out a book on foot massage yet, given all the feet, both male and female, though mostly female I’ve being ordered to “press”! 😉

And i loved it, hehe.

And pressing the soles is one thing.

But as Madam Susan taught me, there is so much to foot massage!

She could have been a reflexologist, me thinks!

Run that finger between my TOES, boy!

Rub the big toe five times!

As I’ve mentioned in Sin City Diaries, I’ve been to MANY a massage parlor in China, and the girls did just that (the first time at least, before they started NOT doing what they were paid to, heh) …

And she was right!

Concentrate on her soles, boy!

The bottom of the toes!

Make sure every inch is worshipped and massaged! Make sure to RUN THE knuckles along her arches, bitch!

And so forth.

It’s a full time job, boy!

Don’t let the mind drift!

And it actually puts you into a submissive meditative state as it did with Madam Susan all those nights, staring at her soles as they TALKED TO ME  …

…. And I remember copiously leaking several times, yet ignoring it. My dick was often “stuck” to my underwear in the morning – ouch!

But all for Madam Susan!

She’s so perfect!

Paye Lagu, Goddess Susan. You’re truly the BEST!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up Madam Carrie right HERE.

PS #2 – The BOOK, boy, not her!