REAL men are ALWAYS hornier after a workout boy!

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REAL men are ALWAYS hornier after a workout boy!



Emphasis on REAL. And MEN!

Or man …

I was going to title this post “the smell of musk under a man’s balls (and on it!)” , but I didnt.

I changed it, actually, because this seems more apt.

But anyway, I often had the opportunity and indeed HONOR of pulling Master Jerome’s sweay socks off after a hard workout.

He would do a lot of intense, T boosting stuff that I myself do and advocate …

To be honest, I dont know why ANYONE would need Viagara when on those type of workouts!

Tru, yours truly cucked can’t get it up for normal sex.

But faced with a dick, or ass, or feet??

I can stay hard FOREVER!

And thats how it should be for a cuck. And a sissy!

But real men get hornier after workouts, boy!

And it’s not just the amount of cum Jerome produced after his workout, which was way more than th eusual very copious load I so loved, remembered, and was made to worship.

They even made me eat it stale. Hehe.

Krystal would probably have too, on the spoon she pulled out of my ass often times!

And Empress Cody? Run of the mill for HER, hehe.

But really, point begets.

What is that you ask.

Is that other than nighttime, post workout time is the BEST time to give him a long sloppy blowjob, or two.

Not before.

He needs the energy.

But afterwards, once the job is DONE?

Suck him forever, boy!

He’ll enjoy it all the more, and you the cuck will get more hot cum streaming down ya, win win for both, I’d say, hehe.

And thats what it truly IS about – life as a cuck that is.

And YOU, the wannabe cuck, that so desperately WANTS AND NEEDS to be cucked?

Can get there as well, if you do what is said in Cuck Central.

As the immortal Emerson said, Do the thing, and you shall have the power.

Phallus power for him, cuck power for you!


Mike Watson

PS – Be sure and pick up Sophia Bai HERE (the book, not her, boy!).

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