Pressing her feet, as she drinks and smokes!

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Pressing her feet, as she drinks and smokes!



There was one lady I just remembered, one amongst many, that didnt make it to Sin City Diaries!

Actually, with all the ladies that did NOT, Volume #4 might be in the works very soon!

But anyway, I went to a foot massage back in the day.

Actually, not so long ago I believe.

Maybe in 2015. I think.

And Madam massaged me well … flicked my nipples, everything.

No HJ tho, hehe. Those were “post yellow crackdown” days in China (Southern China, but really, all of China) …and so … unless it was done furtively, it wouldn’t be done, and yours truly doesnt want or like furtive!

Which youc an tell from my emails!

Always open, and always to the point, yet brutally FRANK!

Thats how I live life, and the previous editions of Sin City showcases that spirit too.

I still miss the good ole days, but not all is lost. Hehe. If it weren’t this way now, perfect Madam Bao Bao would never have come into my life.

Neither would have the massage lady who laughingly asked if I was gay.

She was more right than she knew.

“Show him your soles, girl” I still remember her giggling to her partner.

She was so so nice!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib, and thank you for the HMM! You gave me when I spurted my load that first time (that I believe, but am not sure, made it to edition #1 of Sin City!)

But anyway, this lady. I added her wechat, and oddly enough didnt chat a lot with her.

But a year or so later, I got back int ouch, and of course, the first thing I spoke to her about was whether she liked doing her job.

Predictably, the response was “yes”.

But I could tell she didnt mean it, and soon . . .

“Madam, you deserve to rest! Men should massage YOU!”

And much more.

And she giggled away, agreeing, and soon I learnt she was divorced … apparently her husband had no money was the real reason.

And Madam was right.

“Man with no money is no use, boy!”

I agree, perfect Madam!

And I still remember that first night she came over.

She was tired. Got off work (at that point she was managing a clothes store – the money was paid by her ex! Hehe) … and she was going to have a drink. And a smoke!

“Come and wash my feet, boy!”

And offer me a cigarette, and BEER!

And I still remember the commands she gave me online before coming over (which is a tale unto itself!) – – – and saying the following.

“1000 RMB first, boy!”

And last, this.

“I dont know if your cock is too big, boy! So no sex until I decide! And only if I like you, but you pay me anyway!”

(the going rate was 200!)

And so confident was this older lady, arms and palms calloused, cracked and WIZENDED from years of massaging (mostly) men’s feet … in a job that is considered the lowest of the low … that she was truly dominant to me – and I still remember .. ah, but I’ll write about that later!

Shoudl say tomes on why I LOVE being dominated by maids in the subcontinent, and ladies of the night inChina!

Because they KNOW … BOY!

“Money, boy!”

I can still remember Madam triumphantly counting the CASH … Hehe.

And so it goes!


Mike Watson

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