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You Lothario, YOU!



A lovely lady Melanie on a decidely NOT a fetish site wrote about “it not being about the words you write – it’s about how you make people feel”.

I’ve written about her before, havent I?

Yes, I think I did!

But she was selling her services, and what not, but she was more right than she knew.

I responded back with vibes being what it was all about. And a small note to mention I was discussing exactly the SAME thing with the lovely Dani, who actually replied with the following (during one of our discussions!)

Hola hola! I do believe in people’s energy, and I like your vibe hahaha.

Now, I didn’t tell Melanie this.

She doesn’t know that Dani, the lovely and PERFECT Dani is translating my PATHBREAKING book on attracting women (dominant women!) to you on auto pilot …

Into Spanish!

She’s such a QUEEN!

But really, the info in the book will work to attract ANYTHING if you use your brain and adapt the tricks, techniques and the REAL life instances mentioned therein (Madam Ashley, yes, you’re in it too!).

But it’s meant for primarily you subs that cannot seem to attract women no matter how much you try, hehe.

And there are a LOT of you out there. And no, wanking on the Internet doesn’t cut it either – you know that!

Else you wouldn’t be here. 🙂

Anyway, the translation is one thing.

But really, this speaks tomes about what I keep saying about AUTO attraction.

Provided you think the right way.

I don’t mean conscious thinking either.

Just saying “just do it” or “I’ll do it” wont work either bro.

What works is when your SUBCONSCIOUS swings into ACTION, my friend.

And precious few ever use the power within them, and I keep referring to this “power” (as Napoleon Hill did in all his books) in my writings and courses and BOOKS


Well, it’s in the pudding!

Sometimes sticky ones, hehe.

And as for the HOW?

Well ,my courses teach you HOW.

No, they are NOT cheap. NO, I will NOT give you discounts unless I deem it necessary.

They’re only for the MOST SERIOUS femdom lovers out there, so if that ain’t you, and if being a “Lothario” (albeit a highly submissive one) on AUTO pilot doesn’t appeal, you might as well click away … NOW.

And thats all I gotta share for now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – I love femdom so much!

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