Pooja memsahib JI ke CHARAN!

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Pooja memsahib JI ke CHARAN!



I gotta say it HERE. I was going to say on https://www.payelagumalkin.com!

But I wanted to say it here, so I am.

What a Goddess she is! What feet!


When I look at Pooja!

Madam, apke charano ki dhool! 

As you’ve read in Pooja Memsahib…JI! – -no doubt, you know what that means.

For those that haven’t, it means the dust beneath her soles.

If you’re a Princess Joanie fan, you KNOW what I mean.

Just look at the picture!

But Pooja.

I’m known as a great negotiator. The best.

But when I see Poojas SOLES ?

I LOVE And LOSE my ability to negotiate. 

Much like with THAT CHINESE GODDESS I saw, the real estate agent! 

A mere glimpse of the sole.

A mere glimpse her CALF!

And for thos ein the know, a whack, which makes it all worth it with the gravely voice!

Mard mere PER dabate hai!

Men press my legs, boy!

Ji, Malking!

Yes, Goddess (my owner!)!

So they should know, and I see Joanie right now nodding in appreciation. Those eyes BORING INTO ME – and YOU!


Mike Watson

PS – Truly magical is the number 2, is it not? ? And many others, but I’m writing 2 for a very good reason which I’ll reveal sometime in the future, hehe.

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