So you can buy her beautiful things, BOY!

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So you can buy her beautiful things, BOY!



I think I’ve summed up femdom perfectly – pun intended – in both those sentences, but in caseI didnt!

You know what Madam Carol, PERFECT Madam Carol told me a while ago last year? 

(when she wasn’t ignoring me, hehe)

“So you can buy her beautiful things and kiss her feet!” 

At about the same time, before her. 

“So I can kiss her feet, and buy her things, right?” 

She inverted the order, sure, but the point stands – remains – whatever, hehe. Locked or not!

She’s right too!


Money is the most important thing!

Why do we men earn – or why should we?

Well, for me it’s about living life on my own terms – part of which is worshipping lovely Chinese women, and Indian women, and all women, really, and acknowledging my place UNDER THEIR FEET!

Staring at their soles!

Being degraded by women, and enjoying it!

And loving sucking their lovers cocks or what not.

But most of all – and as I write the post on Princess Joanie (well I wrote it already) – you know what?

There is NO greater thrill for me to send emails and watch (feel) money FLOW in!

Almost like my next breath. I can SEE IT!

But the bigger thrill?

Princess JOanie owning not just me, but my bank account, hehe.

And you know what I mean.

Findom is awesome.

So are WOMEN!

Paye LAgu, Goddess!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up a lovely book indeed – Pooja Memsahib ..JI! right here.

(and all that as she ignores you, but doesnt. So sexy. Thank you, carol!!!)