Kiss her face, or kiss her FOOT?

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Kiss her face, or kiss her FOOT?



I’ll do something a bit different for this one, hehe.

I’ll give you one of those lines you can USE with ladies, and one of my pet lines to use.

It’s in the subject line!

But here are two things to bear in mind before you use it …

  1. Just saying this without the REAL FEELING will get you the opposite result of what you want, hehe. No, these lines don’t magically attract women or femdom. Nothing does except what I mention in the book. And if you dont believe me, well, try it and report back with RESULTS, hehe.
  2. And two … well, it might get you SLAPPED – on the face as well .Not exactly in the manner you’d want, and while she’d call you a freak, it wouldn’t be in the manner you’d want (and it would be well deserved).
  3. And if all of that turns you on, go for it, hehe.

But seriously.

I just wished Madam 7 (remember her? Black cocks?) a very happy CHinese New Year, and asked her what I asked YOU in the subject line.

She hasn’t replied, but I can sort of predict it.

(her reply. since “I know how Chinese women think!” and this was said by none other than many a Chinese woman, hehe).

But really, you sissies out there are probably creaming your panties just thinkin about it, eh.


But just remember what I told you above …

As for yours truly, we ALL know where I’d kiss her. Hehe.

She got such LUSCIOUS cheeks though – and her avatar shows “hearts” on them. Nothing if not a lovely tease, and a dominant one interested in MONEY first and anything else later.

And perhaps thats what is th ebiggest turn on!

Back soon,

Mike Watson

PS – For stories of TRUE findom, go here.  (and yes, you gotta pay, so you might as well not click if you want “free”).

(and really, free doesnt pay the bills, so please, and again …)

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