More on Sophia Memsahib, and why her POO (and her) is truly HOLY and DIVINE!

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More on Sophia Memsahib, and why her POO (and her) is truly HOLY and DIVINE!



And it is!

I’ve been writing bout this on all the sites, and for right now – I just feel LUCKY.


Well, for one, some particularly sticky particles of her poo – that “hippo like blast” which occurred when I was probing her asshole after she took a huge dump (orange and yellow!) – HIT ME – straight in the face!

It was that last remaining blast, and I saw Madam’s tummy contract just that little bit as it all came out, and the formerly reticent girl (who wouldn’t even let me see her large feet) GIGGLEd, pushed me away with her FOOT, and strode away, leaving me to clean up the mess!

You know how it is.

That LAST bit of poo which just rushes out as soon as you stand up! 

Hers GUSHED OUT. Perfect aim as that lovely divine asshole puckered, and I knew it, yet I didnt move!

It’s her shit!

It’s HOLY!

And her canal was CLEAN thereafter! She can drink more – eat more!

Anyway, hippos are good luck. I just saw a toy hippo around.

And shit – in dreams – of which I’ve been having quite a lot are also good luck!

And Sophia Memsahib, as I’ve written about is … TALISMANIC.

Quite literally, miracles are occuring even when I’m not actively pressing her legs, that black skirt draped over them, and even when I VISUALIZE it.

Anyway, Eunice Ortega aside … I once read about a hippo at an Aussie zoo I believe.

It exposed its rump in front of a crowd, and started to suddenly take a massive, mammoth, ICKY dump!

The crowd laughed, but then it happened,

Just as I wrote about earlier.


And only ONE poor family was drenched in it!

The guy that wrote the article that brought me this piece of interesting news titled it as “it might have been God’s work”.

Well, I dont know!

Not about the hippo.

But Sophia, and her pert ass, and what came out of it, and the way it hit me – especially in the eye, like her lovers CUM often does?

Is good luck x 100.

Mega good luck!

And the ONLY other lady whose shit is so enticing, such a turn on … and I haven’t yet had it in my EYE – is Pooja Memsahib JI. 

Be sure and read- you will love it!



PS – I haven’t written about that Sophia as yet. I dont know why – but Sophia Bai is another one you guys will ENJOY! Big time!

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