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The dickie doo award



Dickie virgins, listen UP!

Pun intended, even though keeping it up is the last thing YOU can do, hehe.

My friend Rueben whose cock I so lovingly slobbered on, whose balls I so sucked, whose asshole so I wish I could have tongued gave me this award.

“Dickie doo” award, and lets face it, footboy! 

Dicks turn YOU on.

Doo Doo does too (along with her piss).

But doo doo, you’ll gladly take her stud’s too.

You’ll take his piss too.

Let’s face it, my little freakos and footboys reading this – we ladies KNOW what you want.

Even if we’re chicks with dicks like yours truly is.

But think about it – you’ll get both by learning from me.


Doo doo.

I’ll let you suck my dick … maybe. 

I’ll let you worship my doo doo … maybe. 

Both in your dreams … maybe. Hehe.

(I know, you want it. But you won’t get it that easy!)

But best of all for you, I can teach you how to attract FEMDOM to you, even chicks with dicks


Well, its in the pudding for one.

That mess I so love …

And two, you wouldn’t be here if likes didnt attract, would you?


Case and point.

Think about it, footboy.

A lovely dominant chick with a massive DICK that does POINT – up.

I’ll shower you with all the blessings you can handle, and then some, boy!

And you get to press my feet too!

Chicks, dicks, feet and a hairy asshole for you to start munching on.

Start now, boy!



PS – Here are more stories of femdom.

PS #2 – Remember, good things come in three’s?

Well my cock and balls, my feet and ass … enough for YOU, boy?!

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