My SO (watching inane Korean soap operas) – what she really wants – and her lovely SOLE!

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My SO (watching inane Korean soap operas) – what she really wants – and her lovely SOLE!



Such a Queen, such a Goddess!

She’s tired.

She’s irritated.

She cooked.

And she slammed a plate of food down in front of me, and then buzzed off to watch her Korean soap operas, and she’s sitting there with that “irritated yet so called busy” smile women have when they’re trying to forget “real life” and immmerse themselves in some nonsense that has got nothing to do with it.

(Same thing for a lot of gossipy cuck MEN out there, hehe. I’d rather the ladies!).

But that foot, that ONE SOLE I KEEP SEEING – Madam JI, Paye Lagu!

I’m flicking my NIPPLES as I write this!

And it’s isn’t just her bare INDIAN SOLE That turns you on cuck, or the long yet not too long foot … or the brown legs (calves) …

Or, the admittedly BIGGER than it should be ass, or the long flowing skirt …

It’s her FRUSTRATION – and then finally, when you drop down anyway, boy, and start kissing her sole – or soles – but sole as shes surprised, but then accquisces?

Remember, a stud hasn’t had his way with her in a while, and she NEEDS IT.

But cucks kiss feet, boy, and so do you! And you KNOW what you want.

You (cuck) = Madam, please ignore me while you watch more soap operas!

You *cuck* furiously KISSING HER SOLES, absorbing the dust into your nose, and then the legs, and then eventually her ASS!

Madam please humiliate me!

And her?

She – Goddess -FINALLY you know what I want, boy! 

“Tere ko finally samajh aaya!” 

And she pulls your face to her PUSSY, and then her ass, and she continues that way.

Until you …

… get to make love to her?

Not a chance, boy.

But your aching neck gives her all the satisfaction she wants until her stud comes over!

And it is n’t just my SO.

Perfect Madam Susan, to whom I penned an ODE or a ton of them – I did this with her all the time!

So did I with Madam Carrie

And many others!

And if that sort of thing turns you on cuck (lets face it – it DOES!) – then get Cuckold Compilations as well, as you’ll enjoy it.

But pick up the books above first.

All for now!


Mike Watson

PS – A Bozo “Schofield” (so this clown says his name) emailed me from the UK.

Actually he emailed a friend, but the friend emailed me, and apparently he was ranting about “I can’t afford rent“.

And “how dare I charge for products when he watches porn all day long for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE“.

Man, the sheer idiocy!

I dont know the Bozo from Adam or his asshole, but the point is this – if you COULD afford rent, you’d find a way to MAKE it, wouldn’t you sucka?

(and lets face it, idiots like this are good for one thing and one alone – sucking DICK. Clearly he ain’t been doing much of either as of late).

And if femdom is important to YOU, you’ll do what it takes, my friend.

No, I wouldn’t advocate going into debt for it or not having a roof over your head.

But, I WOULD advocate getting your priorities straight, and getting drunk and watching porn shouldn’t be one of them!

Anyway that lovely BROWN asshole needs to be licked, with someone’s tongue deep in it. 

Paye Lagu, Memsahib … JI!

PS #2 – More on this idiot “Schofield later”.

(again, yours truly doesn’t know much about him other than what Miss V told me …)

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