The difference in how she talks to YOU, boy, and her LOVER!

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The difference in how she talks to YOU, boy, and her LOVER!



A long time ago – SO long ago that I can barely remember it, and yet I do, I remember getting frustrated by my then girlfriend at the time who thought it was “un-Christian” to dominate me.

“Honey, how can you want me to be a bitch to you like this?”

She never liked it that much.

Yet, she didnt mind me cumming to her feet – soles – giving me blowjobs and teasing me – but the humiliation part?

For some reason, THAT part, the real turn on about femdom – she was NOT comfortable with.

Perhaps it was the difference in the colors of our skin, I dont know, but I dont think so – I’ve come across of ladies of all races that love to humiliate!

Indeed, it TURNS Them on – the eye contact as much as it does the sub!

And anyway, this was my fault – becaue I didnt condition (or gently work up to conditioning) her mind BEFORE.

This is KEY, my friend.

People think “oh hes just talking, and wants to sell his book“.

Wrong on the first – right on the second – but I dont want to sell so much as help YOU achieve your femdom dreams!

You know it, footboy.

The difference between her TRULY being into it – and not really doing it, doing it just because “she loves you”.

The latter just doesnt work – if it DID?

You wouldn’t be here, boy, and no, it ain’t just words either.

Pearl, perfect Madam Pearl, fin domina from the word GO had the same thin gto say to me, except in Chinese.

“Honey, do lovers treat each other like this???”

And yet, despite the same words – despite her knowing “a little about BDSM”, but nowhere near what happened with me – she was WAY more into it – and big time – than many other girls have been!

Hence, the Submissive Musings series – a must grab for y’all into FINDOM.

I’ll put out Vol #4 shortly as well when I get some time.

But thats it, my friend.

PIcture this.

She’s sitting there, you’re pressing her feet, she idly flicks you away.

Bored. She stares at you without emotion, yet knowing she OWNS YOU.

Like chattel, like a servant.

She wouldn’t think twice about pushing a table away – so why you?

And instantly ,the change in expression on her face when she welcomes her stud – or lover – a person so clearly superior to you it doesnt eve have to be mentioned.

THAT is what you want, cuck.

And it can only happen with that right MENTAL CONDITIONING.

(No, you “can’t do it yourself”. We ALL have to stand on the shoulders of GIANTS to succeed, and there is no bigger giant in the femdom world than Mike Watson).

Remember, you got two choice – one, do nothing and continue down the current path.

Two, take the first step to living the female dominated life – of your DREAMS!

The choice is yours, my friend.

But if I were you – I knew which one I’d make – and have made!


Mike Watson

PS – If you’re into racial humiliation then these two books will be of interest – Her Brown Slut – and Serving Ann.

PS #2 – I once heard a white lady say “I never dominate anyone other than white men because the white man controls the world“.

Personally, I respect her opinion – but disagree.

It’s about THINKING – not race! (not to mention it’s hardly the slave owning era anymore where “white men ruled the world”, but hey, who am I to comment!).

But, I loved writing (and doing, hehe) Her Brown Slut!

Anyway, more interracial femdom HERE.

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