Shorts vs “capris” vs Long pants?

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Shorts vs “capris” vs Long pants?



I dont know, my friend!

For a foot fetishist and submissive, and indeed the women who get off to dominating us men – they’re all equally sexy.

As women love to say in a humiliating manner to their subs.

“All I need to show YOU, boy, is my feet!”

Often times her soles – and the look in the eye, and indeed most of the time thats all that matters!

As I see my S.O . sitting at work wearing some form of “capris” which go up the ankle a little more than they should, and that admittedly expanding butt of hers “moving” as she walks?

well, I thought of this!

I dont know, if I had to choose – shorts!

Or long skirts!

Because with both of those two options – the legs are visible – one directly, the other indirectly as she reads a newspaper, and you press her legs, and …

… As with Princess Sophia, Ms Priyanka, and Princess Joanie, all of whom had many things in common, but one thing in particular – they all read old fashioned newspapers.

With feet crossed, on table!

And I’d press them (their feet) every morning as all I saw other than that was their cups of tea and the newspaper.

The phone would ring.

I’d be so absorbed in serving I wouldn’t hear the newspaper rustle, or Id FEEL it.

I’d look up.

A flick of the forefinger, and it was off with you bitch!

So humiliating it was!!!!!

I loved it.

And back to attire, you know what?

ALL Of those atttires are great for busting slave bollocks!

And thats why although the book contains unseen tips (until now) guaranteed to make your world ROCK – with pain and pleasure – it has nothing on attire.

Quite simply, when it comes to ballbusting, I’d rather look into her eyes as I fall down, and stay down – which is what makes the entire thing so appealing.

I’m sure all ball busters and busting afficiandos know what I mean!

Alright then, enough of this.

Grab Ball Busting 101 now – truly the pathbreaking course on BDSM and CBT in CENTURIES!



PS – … with centuries old ancient tips that truly will TRANSCEND the physical if you get my drift.

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