When anal play is … PAINFUL!

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When anal play is … PAINFUL!



Do you on this list remember the “Indian maid” with those soles to DIE for that I mentioned the other day? That was one of the best things I ever saw i.e. her lovely soles, milky white Indian skin as she climbed up for her “cowgirl” style fucking!

But anyway, that couple did another video I believe, and this one was downright , I gotta say it – hilarious.

Dont get me wrong – they’re amatuers. But I just had to laugh at some of what the guy was doing THIS time around as opposed to the last video, which just for some reason was such a turn on that I can’t even begin to tell you!

They got it right for that one, hehe.

But anyway, dude’s pestering “lady” for anal sex.

And lady doesnt want sex at all, let alone anal. 

“I’m too busy! too much housework to do!” 

But he pesters her, badgers her, and she asks him to “oil her pussy” first.

“Pussy”, he asks. 

“Yes, you idiot! You didnt lick it first, so how is it supposed to be wet!” 

Good point, hehe.

But then he lubes her ass, and puts it in, and oh my!

You should see the abuse the girl gives him (in Hindi, and even though mine is rudimentary, Pooja Memsahib taught me a lot, so I can understand!) – while he enters – and before!

She literally threatens to “chop his balls off” if he enters her that way.

And I can understand.

One of my past girlfriends yelled at me and said “how would you like a broom up YOUR ass, boy!” when I suggested it …

And when he does enter – oh my – the vilest of abuses spew forth, but it’s done in a comical manner in the video, and I couldn’t help but titter.

I am sure they didnt mean it that way.

Which is fine.

But really, girl claimed to be in “severe” pain after that, but here’s the thing.

Dude did it wrong.

First off, in the book on sissygasms, I tell you to be CAREFUL.


No “put a little oil” and get going!

It don’t work that way – not just because of the mental blocks most people have to this one.

It wasn’t really “meant” to be a 2 way street, but it can become one, and a very pleasurable one, if you do it right!

And the first few tips in the book tell you how to work up to it – and experience pleasure like NEVER before!

And yes, this book is for LADIES as well.

Men feel way more pleasure than ladies on this, because we have a P spot,. but the anal region contains plenty of nerve endings and is pleasurable for BOTH Genders, or in the middle or what not. Hehe.

So remember, folks.

Pick up the book on sissy-gasms – and go easy at first!

And last, but not least, believe me, the anal passage CAN be made to expand to take “broomstick” like cocks. Hehe. Believe me, and it feels awesome!


Mike W

PS – No, It ain’t “gay”. If thats you thinking that, please click away now. Closed minds (and buttholes, hehe) NOT wanted.

PS #2 – As for pain, I know how it feels, Madam! Ms. Priyanka made me take long black cocks WITHOUT any lube – oh – my! I couldn’t walk for days – find out more in Serving an INdian Goddess – the Sequel.

(But read the entire series).

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