Sissy time durations EVERY SISSY needs to DECREASE – and increase.

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Sissy time durations EVERY SISSY needs to DECREASE – and increase.



We will do something different for this one, my friend (and fellow girly sissy).

In Profound Poses, I wrote bout 17 poses that are just so profound, that YOU can use to get your thang up even if you’re “not in the mood”- just LOOK at the women, and think of the poses, and you’ll get it up! And poses that will get ANY WOMAN in the mood as well – along with a great and profound explanation of why.

It’s not for nothing I named the course what I did – a great little course!

A quick one too, and lets talk somethign quick here. 5 positions every sissy should… or should I say, 5 time duration every sissy should aim to DECREASE, or increase.

No in between.

Pun intended.

And not!

One being your lasting ability in bed my friend.

You should ideally cum without even entering her, just looking at her, hearing her voice, which essentially makes you useless to her from the word go in terms of sex. (real man sex).

And every sissy should be useless in that regard.

If you have to enter her, PLEASE don’t last longer than a few seconds, and try and pull out too!

If not, lick up your cum at least …

Two being, the time it takes for you sissy to pull out your credit card. 


It’s all about money boy, have it ready AS SOON AS SHE WANTS IT, and FORK – HAND – it over.

As Venus rightly (for idiot cucks) and tightly (for her stud) said ..

“Its all about money, boy!” 


And it is, my friend.

Three, INCREASE the duration you’ve sucked cock for CONTINOUSLY.

Not with a break, sissy boy.


Really getting to know his dick far better than that useless pricklet you have …

(and, you could say, the amount of time spent licking your cum up, except that can’t be increased, since there ain’t a lot, sissy, so lets say gargling his cum!) (because there is a LOT there).

“there’s nothing there, Mike!’ 

An old boss of mine once referred to my sales sheet, hehe. I’m referring to sissy busted balls.

Fourth, the amount of time spent licking her feet and sucking her toes at the same time.

There is nothing so relaxing as having this done for hours on end – believe me!

And Madam DESERVES it!

Fifth, amount of time spent SMOOCHING her rosebud should be INCREASED! Big time!

not just licking or tonguing.


Believe me, its one thing to do it once or twice, but repetitively, smooching her or his asshole and nothing else truly reminds you, her and him – of your place as a sissy – not to mention THEY will relax like never before and enjoy it immensly!

Well, my dear sissy, thats IT for now.

If you’re leaking reading this, good.

Now go here – Sissy Gasm Central – and pick up the definitive guide to leaking as well!


Mike Watson

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