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Why Sir doesnt do video calls, period



This morning, I must admit I was surprised!

A subscriber signed up for the site, and he sent me the following w.r.t the auto email that goes out – first to thank you for signing up – and then to confirm your email address.

“yes, femdoms!”

(then he replied back to the email with this – )

“may never come!”

(I dont know if he never cums, hehe, or is not allowed to). (he may actually be cumming too quick from what I gather, but I am not sure!)

Then this – (w.r.t the second email!) –

what do I do now, sir

Then this –

may i please you? 

And finally THIS –

may i speak? 

Now, I’ve made no secret of my dislike of wackos and Bozos like a certain “Glyn Schofield” my friend in fitness told me about that pesters women up and down while drunk about “wanting to be their servant”.

No, that is not how to convince a dominant women – one you’v enever met to even take interest in you, let alone “be her servant” as it were.

And, the idiots who pester me on Instagram to “see pictures of my legs”.

And, of course, people like the above who pester me with – what he did after al the above – video call invitations.


Why someone would say all the above is beyond me.

Seems he’s in urgent need of a man – real man – to cuck him and put him in his place.

Or, perhaps a real woman too!

And definitely horny and unfulfiled.

Anyway, I consider video calls to be a massive waste of time and energy – nothing stupider than holding up a device in front of your face at the right angles and what not so I can “see you” and you can “see me” – why do you need to anyway? – and so forth …

If it can’t be written, don’t SAY it has always been my motto, and will always BE.

Therefore, all requests for video calls are denied, blocked, either on Instagram, or google, or whatever.

More on this –

I believe I paint a very sexy picture indeed with my WORDS, and my INSTRUCTIONS, and if that isn’t enough for you, well, this site isn’t for you.

You’d be better off “unfulfiled” jerking off to random porno or what not.

(and I’ve made no secret of the fact I laugh at those that look at porn and think it substitutes for the THRILL and JOY of REAL FEMDOM – hint – it doesnt even come close).

And you guys know this, of course!

Anyway, I responded to him with the following.

Yes, you may.


Mike Watson

(w.r.t to his question about if he “may speak”)

Sure – all of you can and SHOULD send feedback in in terms of the books!

DO write back and let me know how you loved ’em – way too few people do that, and hey, I get it.

Often times I’ll read something, I’ll love it, but I’ll forget to leave a review.

Hey, it happens. Thats life!

but it really, really helps if you leave an honest review.

Because if you dont, the Bozos and trolls with nothing better to do will. I dont even want “star” reviews (though if you “5 star” the book as many have – that is great – but I want HONEST over all) … I want GENUINE!

Much like my genuine femdom writings – reality mixed in with a dab of creative license! 😉

And I sent him this too.

Hi Shane,

Thank you for signing up for our list! You should be getting our daily updates – if not, let me know, and I’ll have it looked into.


Mike Watson

Lots of you don’t get the emails because it goes to junk or what not – so if you don’t get our comms – let me know, and I’ll have it looked into!

And last, but not least, this –

You do nothing except  make sure to grab our bestselling books (https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/) and femdom manuals (links etc all on the site) – and ENJOY the FREE emails/tips we send out almost daily (usually more than once a day!)


Mike Watson

Which, my friend applies to all of you.

I’m out – back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Now that Sir and MASTER have told YOU what to do?

Just do it, boy!

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