Why submitting to a dominant womans complete authority and POWER is the ticket, boy.

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Why submitting to a dominant womans complete authority and POWER is the ticket, boy.



Yes, it is!

I’ll never forget Madam Summer, her of the pink slippers I SO love and remember, those which would gather dust outside my apartment and I’d want to clean them over and over again so this lovely 46 year old lady (who never told me her age!) could slip her feet in them when they’re clean.

I’ll never forget what she once told me.

“You’re complaining again, boy!”

Now, I dont complain a lot. I like to worship women more than anything!

But sometimes, complaints are valid -and required.

In this case, it was an overbearing woman that insisted on putting her shoe rack right outside my apartment – in my space.

And I had to complain to get it removed.

She wasn’t Miss V, of course. Hehe.

It’s interesting how I attract femdom to me on auto pilot, isn’t it? Without even trying, willy nilly … and pink slippers at that everywhere? And female shoes?

My friend, if you’re reading this, and still not ready to take the plunge and actually LEARN how to attract femdom to YOU from ME – truly the “Real Mocco” as a certain customer said?

Then you best unsubscribe – NOW.

Because you’re wasting MY time, and also yours if you’re just here for freebies.

And wank offs, of course.

But anyway, so I told Summer this.

How dare she do it, how dare this, that . . . etc, etc . . .

Her response?

“You’re complaining again, boy!”

When questioned, Madam said “sometimes life is unfair”.

I asked her well, why not MAKE it fair.

But anyway … she didnt want to take that approach.

I did, and the problem was resolved.

But what I should have said

And didnt?

“Madam, I’m so sorry. Can I just clean your slippers one more time?”

Or, Madam, can I wash your feet again?

Or, Madam, can I serve you again.

It’s amazing.

I dont know what it is about femdom, but it tames the male’s “base” tendencies.

And turns him into a true cuckold, and thats so sexy in itself!

I think the world for one would be a much better and more peaceful place if more men were under female asses, licking assholes daily, sucking cocks, and kissing feet – and washing them!

Doing laundry every time they felt “upset”.

Dropping to their knees to press feet every time they felt the need to argue!

And so forth.

The wonderful, lovely world of femdom it is, and I so love it!

And that upraised finger, and look in the eye!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji!

End of the day, thats what it’s about.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – One of my pet regrets and I didnt put this in “Missed Femdom Recollections” – was that I never washed Summer’s feet, and I never dropped down to put her slippers on when she returned from work, although I SO WANTED TO! And I so wanted to dust those slippers for her …

Wishes, wishes!

Anyway, the book contains MANY lessons for you – the budding femdom enthusiast (freebie seekers do NOT count) – so learn from my mistakes, my friend.

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