My balls feel so full … they felt like weights!

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My balls feel so full … they felt like weights!



While I was working out – and yes, I was wearing (not stained – now!) underwear (my own, not stud’s, hehe) – and no, I dont lift weights!

I got into and get into and stay in the best shape of my life with bodyweight fitness as taught by my friend from (I believe) India – let me know if you want an intro, and I’ll do one up!

He’s got some great stuff – and if you need any workouts to make you horny as hell, this dud ehas got ’em too!

Now anyway …

I was doing advanced jumping jacks and advanced grip workouts.

No, not gripping my dick. Hehe. I gav eup jerking off a long time ago, even when I DO – it’s sissy style like I tell you int he book on ruined orgasms!

And these days it’s been ages since I touch my dong – except for washing and peeing!

And even then, sometimes I’ll sit like a woman when Madam locks me up, and it feels so normal!

Much like thinking about Master’s butthole and cleaning it after he’s taken a dump, that lovely puckered BLACK Asshole!

And it’s there to be worshipped and served, and that the reason behind my blue balls, as usual, and of course, all the comments from WOMEN!

I’ve mentioned the latter in an email prior to this.

Now it’s time to bow down, think of the TIP of Master’s black dong and pay obseiance to it!

Truly royal he is, doing what he does best, slim and sexy, abs visible, taking another cucked guy in the ass!

This video was so sexy!

I didnt even see Master’s dong, but just his cock shaft plowing in and out. ANd his balls, those lovely LOW hanging balls!

Full of man juice, real man juice!

Most of all though, his ass – and ass crack!

More than his dong, I just wanted to put my tongue and nose in his asshole while he fucked the cuck!

Maybe I should write a treatise on asshole worship and asses ing eneral. Hehe. Both men and women!

Much like I wrote a treatise, the best ever on dong worship, and I’m qualified to write that eh.

But anyway, his nipples and chest, all so sexy!

So this brings me to the TWO reasons I’m telling you this – and th eballs being so full!

One, the LOOK in his eyes, cuck!

He was sneering sideways at the CAMERA – really enjoying it, that more than anything else did it!

Dont get me wrong.

I leak copiously and indeed shot a sissy load the other day in my pants as Madam said, “you cum in pant!” … looking at a big black cock. 

Just the solid massive cock, nothing else and Master’s pubes, and the cock poking out of his shorts ! 

I’d love to blow him while he drives!

Anyway, his cock and balls aside, it’s the NIPPLES that are ignored – even now – for men.

All experienced Dominans, and indeed women from the Chinese mainland by default KNOW that along with sissygasms – NIPPLE PLAY is the best way to control a man totally if done right!

ONE flick of the nipples – and he’s yours!

I still remember Liao doing it in 2003. 

I never looked back!

Paye Lagu, Madam!

Truly – nipples can send the male, even if not submissive into paraxoyms of sexual delight he can only DREAM about otherwise.

Women’s nipples – enough is said on them.

But male nipples are much ignored.

No, I keep saying in Nipplegasm Central – NO, it’s not gay to have them played with!

Much like I keep saying sissies – in Sissy Central and cucks reading this in the premier course on cuckolding out there (I challenge you to find one better?)  Cuck Central … it’s NOT GAY TO LIKE COCK!

It’s not gay to give yourself up to servicing a man whose not into bdsm – women need to be fucked once in a while, even the dominant onces.

It’s all always about her, her having her cake and eating it too.

Would that not apply to you too, cuck if you do it right?

Give her money. And stability. And let her have her fun with other men while you stay chaste and devoted to her – she’ll LOVE you for it!

And men have been doing th esame thing for ages, eh.

When it’s really women that are caring enough to maintain a relationship while doing it!

And again, nipples.

I’ve mentioned how I cum on command just a) thinking of my P spot – and b) nipple stimulation – just a little!

It’s been years since I had a real orgasm, penis or otherwise!

It’s always ruined, or a nipplegasm, or a sissygasm, or a combo therein.

Life’s so good.

Maybe I’ll look at the video again, and dream of Master’s smelly buttcrack, and poo escaping it, and me thanking her for it, kissing his feet and sucking his dick on the toilet too, so magnificent is Master!


I’m out!

BAck soon!



PS – – Paye Lagu, Malkin – Paye lagu – Malik! Garima Madam taught me well! Lots of tales of black cock sucking there – and in the INdian Goddess series (both dark and black cock) – and of course, I was blackmailed (real life) by a lovely lady for my love of black cock in “Meeting Ms Chen!

… and of course, Cuckold Compilations – black cock, Madam Su, and more!

PPS – And do leave reviews via the purchase link in your email (you’l get a review link in that email) – I cannot overstate the importance of those!

PPS #1 – I’m off to praise cock now!

PPS #2 – While putting in the links, I remembere done thing. I praised Master’s cock and balls so much in this almost 1000 page treatise – I forgot to mention mine which is why I was writing to you int he first place!

Yes, they felt fuller and heavier than usual as I jumped around. I sense another sissy load in my panties (blue again!) coming.

And I’ll keep you posted most likely on Twitter (the last load was captured on camera too!)

And I’d drink Master’s piss coming out of that beautiful pee hole right now if he was here.


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