My SO on her period, my need to worship her even NOW – pressing need, hehe – and much more! (and Pooja Memsahib … JI!)

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My SO on her period, my need to worship her even NOW – pressing need, hehe – and much more! (and Pooja Memsahib … JI!)



So much to say, my friend, so much.

I’ve been wanting to say Paye Lagu all day!

Where do I start?

Well my significant other, for one.

“Put the trash out yourself today, boy!”

And she pointed to her bodacious boobs, and ever expanding ass, no doubt internally knowing “I was looking”. Hehe. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and didtn want to go outside.

“I’m on my period! I dont want to…!” 

She trailed off.

(sometimes she DOES help me, hehe. The femdom isnt THAT all encompassing, neither should it be, nor can it be in real life!)

But you on this list know how much I love worshipping her on her period, changing her tampons, and what not!

I wrote about it here.

But a so called vanilla friend of mine often boasted about how “my girlfriend cleans me up after I shit in my sleep on the bedsheets”.


Apparently he gets too drunk, doesnt drink enough water during the day, and it all just “comes out at night”, and thats acceptable.

Poor girl.

I can understand why her friends say the guy treats her like shit.

I’ve no doubt she gets her own back somehow, hehe. Women always do – they find a way!

But it’s pathetic.

And if thats OK, why not worshipping Madam during her period – doing the most intimate tasks for her?

My SO applied red nailpolish last night.

This morning?

“A little got smeared last night, boy!”

And off it was again to re-apply – again.

And this time on her feet too, so she won’t even stand. Hehe.

I opened a bag for her because she couldn’t, and stared at those gleaming red toes as she lay on the bed – only for her – I’m not allowed on it. Hehe. She might be on her period, but the nails look perfect!

Anyway, Pooja Memsahib JI! used red nailpolish too, as readers of the book know.

And she rarely used any other color, both on hands and feet – BRIGHT smoking hot red, and that was it.

And my tales of devotion and servitude to her are well documented!

So, here’s another tale – sort of.

And another great, great translator for the book that is being translated into Spanish right now – well, TWO BOOKS actually!

Abla Espanol? 

Should we start a Spanish only site too? Hehe.

Madam Dani is translating “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations” into Spanish as we speak.

And another great guy “Mauricio” is translating Pooja Memsahib JI! into the same language.

Much like Dani, he goes the extra mile – kudos!

Y’all will remember how Dani went the extra mile herself which endeared me to her even more …

And here is an example of how Maruicio does …

Hi Mike.

I hope you are well together with your family and the people you love.

I just sent the Spanish language translation of the first 10 pages, specifically I send the translation up to page # 12 of the manuscript. I have tried to arrange the paragraphs so that the reading of the book is as easy as possible for the reader (also taking into account how the novels are normally written in Spanish), but you tell me if you think that is good or we leave the distribution of paragraphs of the translation identical to how it is in the manuscript.

Personally, I would like to recommend that we keep it as I propose, because I feel that reading is much easier, faster and less tiring for the reader, and that will cause the reader to understand the plot better and be immersed in it more easily . I hope we can continue to the end with your approval.

Greetings and many successes!

This dude has it SPOT ON! He’s right!

For the uninitiated, I always tell my translators to leave paragraph spacing, fonts, headings etc as they are in the original English version.

But. he’s spot on.

Much like language has it’s own peculiarities, so do language readers. Yours truly might be “Western mindset” preferring to read books a certain way, but our Spanish readers might prefer something different!

Great point – one I never thought of before. Kudos to Mauricio for bringing it up – and he went the extra mile, so he’s getting a call out – well deservedly so!

It’s one of those things – – you can FEEL IT. He even took extra effort formatting the headline of the page.

So again, guys – lots of books in Spanish and Portugese as well (Indian Goddess is being translated into French by a lovely “Verna”) … if you want links to any books in languages other than English, let me know and I’ll hook you up.

Its simpler to leave the English language books here, and let Amazon take care of the other languages on their site, so search and you shall … find! (or just ask me).

Anyway, my reply – –

Hi Mauricio

Thanks a lot for sending over the first 10 (or until page 12 as you say) translation – it all looks great, and you’ve done a great job thus far!! I’ve approved the translation – please continue – I look forward to receiving the final translated version.

Thank you as well for your comments on “how the paragraph spacing etc should be structured in the doc”.

YES, I agree – much like language has its peculiarities, language readers do too – so if thats what you think is best for the Spanish readers, then by all means, please leave the spacing etc as you “deem fit. Just make sure to start each Chapter on a new page (as you already are) – and thats the only guidelines from my end!


Mike Watson

And so it goes, my friend. So it goes!

These are all great translators, so if you need translation done let me know and I’ll hook up up. Dani doesnt do Twitter – as yet, at least, and I dont know if Mauricio does, but if he does – I’ll let him know mine.

I’ve been known to do up references etc for folks as well on occasion.

I did one – two, actually – up for Dani, and they apparently helped her find a better job, so I’m all for it!

No, I get nothing from it, but they did a damn fine job, so deserve it!

And thats that from me.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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