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Hardcover Books, Submissions – and much, much MORE!



Paye Lagu, Memsahib .. JI!

And much, much more.

I had to start off with that since looking at the feet all day, I’ve been working non stop for FIVE hours now – yet ONE look at the feet on the cover of my books, and I’m ready to go again!

THAT Is true femdom loving, truly from Mike Watson!

Anyway, today’s email will contain lots of FYI’s for YOU!

First off, and perhaps most importantly – we’re now – in addition to paperback – in HARDCOVER TOO!

That right.

Given such huge demand for the paperbacks, I’ve decided to go one better – and put out some of our MOST popular books (which tend to be the compilations) in HARDCOVER format.

As of now, Sophia Bai and Empress Cody (both Readers) – are in HARDCOVER FORMAT!

You’ll see the option to buy hardcover on the usual checkout process/page – just choose that option and (since we do not have a custom area on the checkout form to put address as yet – though that will change very soon!) – send me your physical address, and I’ll have the book shipped out to you!

Truly, it feels great to see these books sitting on mantelpieces – I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw one a couple of days ago (perhaps it sparked this idea…) …!

I mean, regular topic paperbacks and hardcovers are one thing, but fetish … TRULY FEELS GREAT! In more ways than one for you and I hehe.

And, hardcovers bring back NOSTALIGA, and I guess since that is the vein in which Serving an Indian Goddess was written, so be it!

Paye Lagu, Madam Priyanka!

You’re SO NICE! (the nostalgia of smelling the book pages, etc – you real book lovers know what I mean, not to mention hardcovers are durable and tend to LAST a lot longer than the soft cover paperbacks).

It will be a slow process getting all the books up in that format, but we’ll begin with Chinese femdom compilations – then Indian femdom compilations, and then take it from there.

Now, on another note!

LOTS OF YOU have asked and shown interest in the language books we’ve got i.e. the books we already have, translated by our great translators, all fun and easy to work with, all super professional – into various languages – as of now, that is Spanish, Italian, French and Portugese.

Until now, I’d simply send people to the Amazon links to buy.

I’ll do that now too – it’s easier to keep up with payments etc for the translations that way!

But, we now have the links all on our site – huge plus!

Simply go HERE – and click the language of your choice, and you’ll see all the books that have been translated!

And on THAT NOTE …

Remember, and I’ve said this before.

If YOU have a budding author in YOU – and wish to get published by US (Spicy and Erotic Fetish) then send over your submission, and we’ll see if we can work with it.

Guidelines etc on this page – but remember English only for now, SSC, and obviously try and keep it a bit real at least – fetish shouldn’t be completely so out of this world that it becomes UNBELIEVABLE!

Other details including payment etc all on that page.

Let’s see, what else …what else!

I think thats it for now!

So I’m going to take a brief break, and get back to working on the hardcovers!

Back soon.


Mike Watson

PS – Oh, if you’re interested in being an AFFILIATE – then let me know – i.e. if you wish to promote our English language products on sites of your choice, and I’ll let you know how to do so – we’ll have the affiliate section up on the site shortly too.

PPS – Hardcovers … truly stay HARD, hehe. Much recommended!!

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