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Hooked – and BOOKED!




Madam PLEASE LET ME PRESS YOUR SOLES ALL NIGHT, while you sleep, snore, fart, and be natural and RELAXED!

As I told Princess Yiyi this morning, what matters is that Madam slept well, she’s RELAXED, boy!

Madam Susan in Volume 4, I believe it was of Madam Carrie taught me this so well!

I always knew it, of course…

“Talk to my soles, boy, not ME!” 

And she’s so right, so right, SO RIGHT!

Anyway, in the book that cardinal (or one of them) femdom affirmations is explained further. I’ve done so via a lot of my free writings as well – all in the open, if you choose to look!

But anyway …

Madam Carrie – Volume 3 is currently being translated in Spanish by Pablo – yall know him!

And he was SO hooked on it – that though he was supposed to send me 10 or so pages for the initial part of it, he ended up sending me 48.


I dont blame him – the story is SO FAST PACED, and really HOOKS – and BOOKS you – pun intended, or not, BOY!

Hi Mike, I got as far ahead as I could on volume 3, I’m only on chapter 15. I was so hooked on reading and translating the story that I completely forgot that I had to send the first 10 pages. I’m sorry, but the first 10 pages became the first 48. haha


How nice to live in China, they have a fascinating culture, like the Japanese, culture and women that I also admire. India must be fantastic, I have several friends in India, they speak wonders, but I doubt I can adapt to the lifestyle.

(We were discussing how I prefer living in China despite all the great Indian femdom stories I’ve written. Dont get me wrong, Indian femdom IS GREAT – has it’s own brand -but lifestyle wise, I’d prefer China anyday, and overall, as I told him yesterday – Chinese ladies – by far the most dominant EVER – it’s in their culture to dominate, and they do that so well!)

Hey Pablo –

AWESOME WORK as usual – thank you!

Yeah, I was noticing the “first 10” pages, I kept scrolling down – I thought you ended up doing the whole book, hehe (pun NOT INTENDED, lol). So glad to see youre enjoying the book – let me approve this now! A

nd – look forward to the “final” translation as well. Now India, to be honest – I dont like it at all- there are some positives yes, but the lifestyle, there is absolutely no way I would live here long term.

Perhaps certain parts like Bengal etc – but yeah – East Asia – China, Vietnam etc – I LOVE the lifestyle there, I’m sure so would you if you go there someday!

And, the girls aren’t all interested in locking you up, hehe. (nah, kidding. LOL).

But, yeah, far more interesting lifestyle and culture – South America though, I’ve always thought is pretty cool? I dont know for sure tho, but I’d love to go to Brazil someday, for one…

Thanks again, and I look forward to the final translation!


Mike Watson (PS – I was just “thinking” of you i.e. the translation process, and bingo – there it came! Interesting how thoughts transmute… Hehe).


Now, the gals?

They’ll be dominant anyway hehe.

If you’re with one of them they may or may not lock you up – it’s the VIBE!

But financially dominate they WILL, whether you like it or not, and otherwise too!

Trust me on this.

I love it so much!

And Madam Carrie, my friend is just one – but SO PERFECT EXAMPLE OF FEMALE DOMINATION AT ITS VERY BEST!

Now, thoughts transmuting.

I’ve written about this before, my friend.

Thoughts do transmute.

And my thoughts right now to some of you – a lot of you on this list?

I KNOW you guys want to buy this. You’ve even clicked the order button, then abandoned the cart.


My friend, why are you not BUYING IT?

I dont get it – you truly want it, you KNOW how SIZZLING hot (like meat on a China bbq stick, hehe) – and SPICY (again, same comparison) my books are.

In fact, you’ll be jerking off (the guys) and nodding your heads in appreciation (the ladies) as you read — that I guarantee!

So dont delay my friend.

Get some of my great, great Chinese femdom books NOW – and Indian femdom HERE.

Do so now, friend -no more delays – remember, thought TRANSMUTES.

“She knows!” 


Paye Lagu!


Mike Watson

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