Madam would make plans, then break them – at the last minute!

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Madam would make plans, then break them – at the last minute!



She was such a Queen!

“Not tonight, I have other plan!!!” she’d often text me at the last minute – after she had talked up a date (another one) all day! (and the day before that!) 

Sometimes, I’d be on my way to meet her, she’d cancel!

Sometimes, I’d meet her “studying” – with another man – in a restaurant! Admittedly a cuckolded man, and the relationship on HER end was definitely platonic, him, the simpering simp – and he didnt even do that right, but still…!

She’d make ME JEALOUS!

She’d make me itch and TWITCH – like the bitch i AM – when she’s kiss me deeply all night, rub her hands all over my sexy chest – but yet, the minute I coaxed those hands to my nipples, she’d pull away!

(same for dick)

(Obviously, this was the “start” of the relationship).

She literally – and figuratively – gave me a kick in the backside once when I was fat and laboring up a hill with her. I can still remember the pounding that hill gave me, and I can remember how the other girls were giggling and pointing at the overweight, yet so sexy foreigner with the lithe Chinese lady!

That was when I asked. 

“Ann, do you want to be my girlfriend”? 

I asked her twice.

She replied with a resounding YUS! (not a yes, a YUS!)

And then you knew it was on, and all the above started. Hehe.

I mean, she’d massage me for hours, yet a hj – never, boy!

Again, this was all the start of the relationship, and her way of keeping the wild and unruly foreign devil in line, more importantly, testing him!

She knew I had a stable job at the time, so money was already done and dusted. Hehe.

She didnt have chair in her house, so we had to sit cross legged.

Madam would never show me her FEET!

She’d just giggle. Hehe.

Anyway, often times we’d fight. Think about it, she’d ALWAYS cancel plans at the last minute – it was a bit pyschotic if you think about it.

The relationship ended on a very good note though – and two notes, since MAdam Aa Ling (THAT relationship never ended) was there too!

And she as a friend told me “pounded” beers with me.

“Youre lucky to have a part Korean girlfriend that pounded beers with you!”



I’m lucky to serve ALL The women I have – literally new ladies daily to groven in front of.

(Ann didnt have Korean lineage by the way, from what I know, or maybe she did a bit, I dont know)

For that I ain’t lucky.

I’m BLESSED and PRIVELEGED, it’s an honor.

No such thing as luck or coincidences in my book.

And I didnt get there overnight – there are things you do, processes you go through to literally attract femdom to you on auto pilot, detailed HERE.

But anyway, only regret?

She never cuckolded me did Madam Ann!


What if she canceled plans, and then was suckin cock elsewhere – with whom she never canceled?

Truly, I’d feel jealous!

But I’d accept it, so long as sissy time was never canceled for me!

Truly, for me, its about emotional bonding, the only bond that matters, and leads to everything else without thinking, the vast majority of guys out there never get it, do they? !

Sex, sex, sex.

I mean ..!

But what happened with Ann? She used to cancel, then I used to go out, she stood outside my apartment gate for hours waiting for me to return with a very stern expression.

Madam was checking up on me!


Her right to do so, I’d say …

So, I dont know.

That was the only regret in that relationship, I should probably put it in 11 Missed Femdom Opportunities, make it the 12th…

Maybe I will in a second Volume!

But that book is a must grab for YOU , the budding an dserious femdom lover to LEARN from, my friend – in”real life and real time” as it were from the “Master and Mistress of TRUE FEMDOM and FETISH” as it were…

Not EVEN me saying that, hehe.

It’s others that have got my stuff!

So should YOU.

And I’ll be back.


Mike Watson

P.S. – Almost forgot, pick up Serving Ann  HERE.

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