Why Ma’am’s bare upper arms and shoulders are SO NICE!

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Why Ma’am’s bare upper arms and shoulders are SO NICE!



Just so NICE!

Madam, Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

Those bare upper arms, those lovely shoulders, those EYES, oh my!

I dont know why, but I’ve loved arms on women – especially the BACK of the arms!

It’s interesting, in terms of strength and conditioning, most men (or women, I guess) focus on the BICEPS – not the triceps, which make up the bulk of the arm, the shape of the arm and so forth …

When you look at most really strong men with “huge arms”, its the triceps and shoulders that really “pops”. (dont get me wrong, the forearms and traps are equally important but brute strength = triceps!).

Anyway, for me, femdom wise, or just in any way – women are the same!

I’ve always LOVED to look at their arms, rub them, press their shoulders – and do nothing else!

Often times with Madam Carol, I remember, I’d wake up (sometimes) in the middle of the night.

I wouldn’t pry her lovely legs open like other men might.

(Ann once told me that was SOOOOOO annoying, and why she left her last boyfriend.

“he want too many times!”)

Too many times was never a problem for Carol, but then I guess she got rewards too, especially when I’d just start pressing her feet in the middle of the night!

Sometimes, she’d giggle and push me away.

Sometimes, not!


And of course, Madam Ashley and the “sex that never happened” started out that way too!

But anyway, as I look at a couple of girls from Nagaland in India (the Indian North East is by far one of the best places in the world to me – especially the LADIES!) – it could be China!

So gorgeous, so DOMINATING, so cunning, so SLY, most of all – so KNOWING – those EYES! 

Such beautiful SKIN!

And I haven’t EVEN seen the feet as yet!

Madam, please let me press your shoulders.

You’re so NICE!

I dont know, women in general, they just are!


Mike Watson

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