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Madam. PLEASE!

MADAM, your eyes are SO INTELLIGENT, not stuypid like MINE!

Madam, yuou’re so nice! 

MADAM, my blood ROARS, I can’t type right! 


As Yiyi Ma’a posts a picture on wechat (remember, Maam calls me an idiot, much like Madam Sophia does “YES, you FOOL!!!”) I truly feel WEAK AND LIKE A FOOL, and LOVE IT SO MUCH!

I just want to kiss her feet, more than that, her UNMANICURED “strong” hands!

Those hands are strong, and they’ve worked a lot – – perhaps in fields!

Trust me, the hands – and feet – can tell you a  LOT about a person if you observe right.

Even with makeup, the strength underlying them – hidden strength – doesnt go away!

“My feet are not elegant, boy! Big feet, STRONG FEET!”

Maam Sophia said it so many times, she’s so NICE, little did she KNOW (maybe she did. heh).

Perfect Sophia Bai Mam said it so many times too!

Ma’am is so NICE, she KNEW


SU did too.

She knew, they ALLK NEW!

And as I sit here thinking of how Yiyi’s hands would feel when she SLAPS me – which she might soon, and that ravishing beautiful photo she sent which others would say “normal” – I can feel Madam be HAPPY!

“Madam, your hands are workign womans hands”, I told her (which would normally piss most women off – but her – no!) – “but I love them!”

It’s not the words, my friend.

IT’s the VIBE behind the words YOU BOZO! (for the Bozo men out there).

And Bozo Schofield knows this all too well …

But anyway … the VIBE COUNTS!

And she can feel it!

I told her that I meant manicure, pedicure, nailpolish etc when she said “no need do makeup for hands!”

No need, yes.

I love them anyway!

And she’s so NICE!

But like in the movie the Bourne Identity, actually, the book – which is much better than the great movie itself – in the opening scenes, you see the drunken Doctor that treats Jason say the same thing.

“You’ve got a body of a man used to physical labor!”

Not a laborer, not a jock, but lots of manual work!

For a CIA agent in the field, so damn true …

And Madam Yiyi, I can tell the same things by her hands – by Madam Sophia’s feet, and so forth!

Makes it SO MUCH more fun to worship THEM!

They’re so NICE!

And the hands, my friend, can indeed tell you a lot about a person.

Right from my own fingers being called “slim and talented”, “artistic”, and painters fingers – except I’ve (thanks to my friend into fitness) – got a ROCK SOLID – GORILLA LIKE GRIP – pun not intended, hehe, or maybe it is! (remember the stud talkign about silverback gorillas while he was fucking a lady, and I wanted to SO LICk HIS BOLLOCKS and his Perennial region!!!) ……………. and so I’ve got both. HEhe 

And of course, what my fitness friend doesnt know, much like the ladies in Sin City Diaries – I’ve got a rock solid grip from massaging women so much!


Those girls do like 500 fingertip pushups in a day, so I’ve heard, feel their grip, you’ll know it!

I’ve been known to do that many too.

But this ain’t about fitness – for that, I’ll direct you to to my BUDDY’s WEBSITE – he’s got the BEST – truly the BEST – fitness programs and routines out there you can follow AT HOME!

But his products aren’t cheap, so be warned, and back to FETISH?

Madam Yiyi, Paye Lagu! I so wish I could pay for your pedicure and manicure, and I likely will, and I’ll press your shoulders while you’re enjoying too! Hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – A Goddess (she shall stay annoymous) just posted this. It applie sto you if you’re a Bozo – many men reading this are – and if not, well, read anyway!

I’ve had to come across some pretty shitty men in my time. But honestly some of the most toxic, disrespectful and abusive men have come from so called “subs” and “fans”. Ridiculous. Trying to stay calm, and remember I get paid to deal with this crap. Gonna punt balls soon.

My reply –

Haha! Once you refuse to “domme” them, their true nature comes out. See my #bozoschofield posts, a true examples of a vile, abusive, racist “so called submissive” … See how he spoke to Josie, a lovely lady that wasn’t even INTO it, but she was “expectd to”!

Men like this are just vile and SCUM. Just “jerk off to it” is not real #femdom, gotta make the LADY want it first… Anyway, so sorry to hear you (probably) had one of those in your life, Ma’am. Whack him hard once! Hehe.

then again, he’d probably like that .. lol.

What a loser, what SCUM this Bozo Schofield (Glyn Schofield, pestering people in “Brum” is) … And there are many like him, ugh. 

Oh well, they’ll never know what it truly feels lik eto say this –

You can feel she KNOWS the nuts deserve that, and the cock – not just squish – SPLATTER! Ma’am, we should be kissing your feet – the world needs MORE LADIE SLIKE YOU! #ballbusting Your legs, also, so STRONG, so nice!

Bozos, you’ll NEVER get it, hehe. So sorry! but it’s your own damn bloody fault, you FOOLS!

PS #2 : – I still remember Garima Ma’ams hands, so rough first – the feet, even rougher, Pooja Memsahib too … even worse!
And now, polar opposite. What didnt change?
What attracted me to them in the FIRST place. THE MIND!
#indianfemdom #realfemdom.

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