My S.O. slurps her food noisily, FARTS after eating and while – and … gets AWAY WITH IT, and… TURNS ME ON SO!

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My S.O. slurps her food noisily, FARTS after eating and while – and … gets AWAY WITH IT, and… TURNS ME ON SO!



And you know the main thing?

She isn’t even doing it to turn me on – honestly!

She could care LESS about that!

Quite truly, I’ve said before how she is looking for another cuckold.

And that she is – if you’ve got the cash, boy! PROVE it though first…

But anyway …

I’ve written before how about I’m not in complete, or at all, agreement with her “apeing” a lot of the things Chinese (and Asian) women do – then again, given what I’ve written about them being the most dominating ever, but really, it’s not just Chinese women, it’s ANY woman – the MIND is what counts – they just have the mindset down PAT – maybe thats what she wants to emulate!

But it’s a mistake… gotta be YOURSELF.

But thats OK, if Madam wants!

But as she “slurps” her food, as she knowingly (or not) does things that are ALL so unladylike, it reminds me of Garima Ma’am – and it reminds me of all the women I’ve been with!

I’ve often said – why should it  be just MEN that come home after a day of work, SPRAWL on the bed drunk with legs spread – why not women too, BOY!

In fact, it’s sexier when women do that!

Why should men be “allowed” to fart – but never women – socially, and otherwise?

I dont know … my S.O. farts so often, and so loudly that I often wonder … even if it weren’t for femdom…!

She wears granny Pajamas to bed, and I’m NOT allowed. 

Like Princess Joanie, she doesnt really wear shorts a lot, just sometimes!

She is FAT – and is getting fatter – and you know what, with all this?

It leaves ME, the submissive, with a giant HARD ON!

Because she truly doesnt care, because she DOES care, but she (subconsciously) knows that SUBMISSIVES – the more dominant the women, the more MAN LIKE – the BETTER!

And she’s truly a great, great MAN!

Right down to the farting.

And I keep remembering all the ass licking – and what I did for Pooja Memsahib every time she farts out of that BIG ASS!

That asshole, with my tongue in it – and her lovers COCKS in it so often!

Most of all, as I said on Twitter, the long nights passing by as I press her feet devotedly, she IGNORES me totally, regardless of what mood she’s in, and just “sleeps” – with NO sex expected, or wanted!

She knows I’m a sissy that doesnt stay hard, so she’s finally learnt to USE ME


And I’m so happy I attract femdom to me on auto pilot, without even trying – because … it’s the only way!

Anyway, we’re aiming at being back on email for all this next week. Mea culpa, we’ve been going through some tech issues on that one for the past couple of days.

But asses, and ass worship are SO SEXY!

I haven’t written a treatise on it as yet, but Cock Worship For Sisses And Faggots – well, that includes plenty of equally sexy ways to worship cock and balls – and Ballbusting 101 – well, self explanatory!

And everything else I’ve written.

Why should boys have all the fun.



Mike Watson

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