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Garima, a woman of importance … and MORE!



One of the best things about femdom?

Well, as we footboys and sissies – and the ladies reading this KNOW, hehe, it’s all about her – ignoring you!

While you’re down there at her feet, pressing them all night, she sleeps without a care in the world, while she ORDERS you to serve her like chattel, USES you, abuses you … she cares, of course, to do that – but she doesnt as well!

It’s that exotic blend of caring enough to NOT care – and SHOW it – because she MEANS it – that does it, if you get my drift!

I know every real femdom lover DOES!

And, for the lady, of course – you cannot praise her enough, she’s the MOST important – by far – even her shit is!

She’s so NICE!!

Thats femdom for you, of course.

And as I was watching a Hindi movie recently, which to be honest was very boring for the most part, even the subtitles didnt make it that interesting – the movie had a line which piqued my interest.

Its about an old judge that retires, and then pursues vigilante justice against criminals he was forced to let go scot free when he was a serving judge.

(due to lack of evidence, or other legal reasons).

And after he retires, of course- he’s not bound anymore by the legal system!

The movie was so boring, I didnt even watch all of it – but a certain MADAM comes in the middle – an ass kicking, TRULY Garima Madam style lady – a lady that clearly comes from the hinterlands, is ROUGH AND TOUGH like Garima Ma’am is (was) – read the “Prologue on how Madam JI became the dominant female force of nature she is TODAY” – speaks like a man – so sexy – kicks ass like a man – dances like a lady – the perfect blend of tough female and MAN – I’d call her Master and lick her shiny boots if she asked me to!

A cop no less.  (in the movie)


And in the movie, in the courtroom during a flashback, a hotel owner (criminal) accuses another of spoiling his hotels “Garima” i.e. the splendor!

That prompted me to look up the meaning of the word Garima, here it is!

Garima Meaning – importance, prowress, strength, HONOR – a woman of importance, warmth! 

(there’s more, but this is what I Saw right up front!)

Quoting from the page

“They are hardworking, and very much sincere towards their proposed tasks!

They will have good communication skill! They will select careers where they can use this skill, such as P.R jobs…

They are also very creative and love drama.

They love to make new friends, they will have many co-operative colleagues in the office… “

There’s more – but all this?

Well, it typifies the perfect Garima Madam … JI! I’ve written about SO MUCH TO A T!

It could have been WRITTEN FOR HER – right down to the choice of jobs (sales), communication skills, and so forth! And the DRAMA!

(she cuckolded me like NONE other)

Ma’am was so nice, still is!

And the way she dominated me, the way she spoke, the way the rough and tumble girl showed up in the office that day, where the senior (me) INSTANTLY became the junior, less than chattel – I still remember it!

And this lady I’m watching in the movie right now – reminds me of her!

Certainly one of the MOST important women I’ve ever been priveleged to be with, not to say they all aren’t!

Anyway, Garima Madam … JI! could dominate and DID DOMINATE – the male of the species like NO OTHER!

And it’s one of the hidden gems we have to offer here in our Indian femdom collection.

Be sure to check out the two books here – and here – or the compilation here.

You’ll just love it!


Mike Watson

PS – Don’t you just love it when you not just call women Master, but they act like that? Garima Madam was – IS – one just LIKE THAT! Oh MY!

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