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Master Wang’s beautiful, dense pubic hair…



Dear Reader

I’ve gone bananas!

So much so that I want to do what I once did with Madam Lucy – and her Korean stud.

The breakfast saga with them was just one of many I’ve written about.

But, I almost took a banana, and posted pictures of myself sucking on the tip, like with a nice long juicy cock – and sent it to Master!

He’s truly driven me NUTS – and he probably knows it!

And all the praise I’ve been lavishing upon him, well, the black guy that once told me (a 6’3” black stud with a lovely ass, dick and balls – and a great BULL That cuckolds people so WELL) “Mike, I’m black, but reading your words, Im blushing and turning PINK!) …. well, he has probably turned pink too!

But I’ve written about hairy balls and pubes before.

I’ve written about how Madam Carol for one, used to shove her nose DEEP DOWN INTO MY pubes when giving me blowjobs – and enjoyed it – so did I – getting those lovely BJ’s!

And from a sub perspective, I love pubes, and I’ve been waxing lyrical about them for a while now.

Those dense pubes at the very base of the cock – oh my!

Black guys – I’ve often said, dense and springy!

But Asian guys, some of them – “thinner” pubes – but equally dense if you get my drift, truly a THATCH or a jungle as this guy does!

And he’s such a stud, his cock is SO RAGING hard, cut, and ready to go – well, it’s uncut, but when Master pulls it back, the beautiful head appears!

And he’s been using me without knowing it SO EXPERTLY!

Ever since I saw him on Twitter, I’ve been “in lust” with him – and his beautiful cock, and soles!

I would drop down and serve him anyday, he’s so nice!

And, I’ve introduced him to Madam Lucy as well, who loves cocks like he is.

As for yours truly?

Well, I just want to bury my head in his pubic THATCH, say thank you – and well, press his feet, cook for him, clean for him, the whole thing, while he takes “all my girls”!

As it were…

Here are a sampling of messages I’ve been sending him (and I just know him one day!)

(Remember, these are copied and pasted verbatim, might be hard to read!)

** start **

Sir, your cock is so beautiful, thank you so much, perfect Sir! I’ve asked Madam Lucy , she will love a real stud like you, Sir! Thank you so much, she’s a great woman, and your beautiful cock can be pleasured. thank you, Sir! Your pubic hair, your semen, is SO NICE, Perfect Master Wang, you’re so NICE!

So handsome, thank you so much!

Master, thank you for having a beautiful dick!

I think you can have sex very well, …

If you want, please give me your wechat, to send to Madam. You can satisfy her in bed.

I am just a little bitch, as you know, cant satisfy woman but you can… RoseRoseKiss mark❤Grinning face with smiling eyes

but i can suck dick well, very well, i love your dick… give you pleasure…

let me know, Sir. I want to share your cock, feet, with the world, more worship for you. for Madam Lucy, tell me your wechat, MAster, I will pass it on. You can laugh at me, such a loser!

master Wang, Thank you SO MUCH!

I hope you dont mind, you are truly a dominant MAster, a real man, you can use your beautiful COCK SO WELL!

I really kiss your feet and thank you for allowing me to see your feet, dick and hairy pubic area, it’s so NICE!

Suck your dick someday, and press your feet, you deserve it, dont you agree?

Sir, thank you for your wechat. Mistress Lucy, I told her about you, thats why I sent you the screenshot, perfect Master Wang, thank you, you’re so NICE!

She is busy with some guy, so waiting on her.

Sir, do you like foot massages, blowjobs?

Yesterday, 5:20 PM

Your cock is so hard, you are so horny, Master … you need it sucked…

You are my superior, thank you, Master!

It’s my job to introduce girls to you, Master, dont you agree? So you can relax, enjoy… only for you…

Master, I feel so tired talking to different women about your lovely, sexy cock, but I keep doing it,

because you are a stud, you deserve , I need to work hard for you, perfect Master…

Master Wang, I beg you on my knees to send me some humiliating message on Twitter, because I want to share

with the world, show everyone how magnificent you are, how you humiliate sissy boys, and how girls love you!

Thank you so much Master!

also, do you like the girl, please tell me … the girl I sent…

My goal is, many women for you, zero for me, just your lovely dick get pleasure. Please humiliate me, Sir. I will share it

because more people can see, as you know… its better for you..

You’re so nice, so dominating, so superior!

Such a GOD!

Thank you so much for accepting!

I know, many message… I feel so weak!Grinning face with smiling eyesGrinning face with smiling eyesSmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

do you like sauna, sir? In China, have many …

I wish, I can be your sauna girl. And also find other girl for you, which thats why I sent you photo.

Master Wang, thank you SO MUCH you are so so so NICE!

Sir, thank you so much for sending me those pictures, and commanding me to find women for you!

I bury my nose in your pubic hair, and thank you, Master, really, from my heart.

Master, you are in bed, lying down, I beg you, let me press the bottom of your feet, so you can rest like a King, and

Master, I already sent your dick video to a few girls, which girl do you like the best ?

The last girl, her name is Maggie, I told her about your dick, about you, Master.

Sir, please humiliate me. I want to post it publicly, so everyone can see how dominant and good you are!

Sir, I lick your feet, and say thank you.

Thank you Master Wang, I am SO HONORED AND GRATEFUL to have the opportunity to serve a Man like you!

Sir, which part of Jiangxi are you in?

Someday, have the honor of washing your feet, serving you …

Sir, you are like a Chinese emperor, thank you so much!

Tomorrow, I will ask Maam Lucy again, also Maggie. They all laugh at me, since I show other man’s cock to them, so pathetic, right

You are so manly, I love it…

** end **

He of course, in addition to being overwhelmed is privately HAPPY – and chuckling about it.

“what a foreign loser”, I can hear him thinking! Hehe. Amongst other things.

He keeps me on leash so expertly!

Do your task first, boy!” i.e. get girls for him first, before talking, just like Madam Maggie who once told me “don’t just talk, boy!”

He’s told me many times “you can find me girls!”

And taunts me with pictures of his hard cock and soles!


“Find me a girl!”

“Give me her wechat!”

And he’s so nice, he knows!

He basically wants to choose from all the girls he knows that talk to me … hehe. And wants them all.

He’s such a Master, so dominating, from the minute I saw his long John on Twitter, those HAIRY PUBES, those lovely “sprightly pubes” – those lovely “organic pubes”, I don’t know, they look alive – ramrod straight – I was HOOKED! OH MY!

His feet are so nice too, just like mine, soles “just like a girl” like Carol said, I’d press them all night for him, massage him like a sauna girl!

DOMINANT CHINESE ARE SO NICE! Truly, even the men if you bring it out know how to do it, but the women, of course, we ALL KNOW!

Truly a great example of what I keep speaking about in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, ie. feet and cock, boy, feet and COCK!

That abject lust, and that abject devotion that true submissives have to EXPERIENCE TO KNOW ABOUT!

Get the book now – you’ll love it!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember to get some of our other great manuals too!

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