Why Aa Chie’s picture, her face, will always BURN BRIGHT – the brightest, perhaps in my memory…

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Why Aa Chie’s picture, her face, will always BURN BRIGHT – the brightest, perhaps in my memory…



I dont know why, but there it is!

Amongst all the girls, and there have been so many!

But she, Madam Aa Ling as I call her, and thats what she turned out to be – is different!

The readers of the award winning book on her know this (check out the rave reviews the book has got).

But anyway, this morning I was thinking and talking to myself, doing something I often do (talking to myself).

I often try and help people out in the wechat employment groups I adminster, but sometimes, I find it better to talk to myself and be done with it that way, these people ask such (to me) stupid and basic questions that everyone knows, sometimes it seems it’s an excuse to start a conversation.

Things are slow apparently.

The discussion this time in that great group was about China, wechat – the way they let people link their cards to the system to make online payments etc… a pretty lengthy one!

For the record, China is weird in how it does this.

And so are Chinese banks.

I have four accounts in four Chinese banks (all in my name “in name”, hehe, no prizes for guessing where the real control lies) … and they’ve all spelt my name differently, or set it up differently.

weChat Pay, I believe, is what the system is called, works much like Apple Pay to the extent that without it, you’re pretty much crippled in China (or if you dont have Alipay).

Digital is how things are done here, right down to the smallest purchase.

True, you could still use cash, but damn near no-one uses it …

Makes for fun for the government in China, they can literally track you down to the minutest purchase you made, hehe, or back in the day, thank God(Dess) that wasn’t a thing back then, the bordello you went to.

Linking cards works strangely too, your name and passport number must be the same as on the bank account. Thats where things get hairy.

My first bank account I used to set WeChat pay up with combined my first name and last name into one “MikeWatson” basically – no amount of explaining to them would resolve it.

“Because China do this way!”

Chinese have first names and last names too, hehe.

Anyway, despite it obviously being different from how it was written on the “freedom passport”, hehe – it linked fine to my wechat.

I’ve used it ever since to send people, mostly Madam’s, loads of money!

Disappears from my account as soon as it comes in, damn near.

But I was never able to link any other bank accounts with it – despite THEM having the name down right – because the first card linked is apparently how the system thinks your name should be.

A day or so ago, someone brought this up in the group, I said it was old news – and it – like I thought – sparked off a huge discussion (like with me, a SINGLE comment from me, and the world goes aflame. Hehe. Always the best in natural marketing I’ve been!).

I figured I’d explain all this to them.

And tell them that before 2013, I never even had a dumbphone.

I had a blue brick Nokia.

Kinda wish I had that now!


Worked just fine for me!

I think I had two …

One black, one blue, but the BLUE one, Ms Aa Ling, y’all know her, put her picture on it.

A significant other in 2009 ripped it off.

“You dont need this no more!”

But Madam put that on in the bordello, and it STUCK – it was very hard to remove!

I still remember the Madam then peeling it off laboriously…

BUt the picture, the big eyes, the wide open MOUTH, the innocent smile – stuck ever since Aa Chie – or Aa Ling depending on which you prefer stuck it on … 

That FIRST time she walked – or sashayed, again, depending upon … into the sauna… 

The way she literally shed tears sometimes, no, they weren’t crocodile tears when we fought, argued… 

The way she’d send me messages… 

The way she had me hooked from the word GO!

The way she kissed me, that first tongue kiss, those FINGERS…

Nothing really beats it, my friend. Nothing.

You NEVER forget a girl like that.

And to read more about her, go HERE.

Trust me YOU too will feel it!


Mike Watson

PS – Sometimes, often times, I wonder where Madam is these days, who she is married to, what she is doing. I’m sure she still remembers me, for one!

Those times, those memories. Will NeVER FADE!

(and thats how it should be).

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