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Those lovely LONG soles …



I dont even know what to write here, honestly!

Except, the heading of this email.

Except, Madam Abby – that oh so lovely IMPERIOUS lady has them – so lovely, long – and DOMINANT!

The soles – her soles are really ones you can talk to, I still remember the speck of grime on the second toe of the left foot, I believe!

Madam, I’m so sorry for that – and your (slightly) uncared for HEEL! It was cracked – how dare it!

Or, how dare the slave in charge not do a better job!


But it’s true.

“Madam, thank you so much for posting this! I’m just gooning to them daily now like the brainless faggot I am “…

Or something like that, I gushed. I dont know, I’ll have to check Twitter out again!

Then, Madam Megan.

“In that giggly tone” … “I hope you slept well last night!”

Slept well!

I was pressing her long soles for two hours, after that, I could barely sleep, so I watched some Indian femdom – I leaked copiously, finally I fell asleep, woke up in 2 hours, started talking to Madam Nandini (who looks certain to be my full time “owner” very soon!).


She really loves having servants.

Picture this, you call a lady for a credit card (OK, she called me, as she said, but whatever, hehe. I thanked her anyway!) – and the first thing she teaches you (while you get the feeling credit cards are the LAST thing on her mind – hehe) (or business) – ?


That one word has prompted so many emails, posts etc from me, but the way she said it the first day, then recalled the message (hehe) – I’ll forever remember it!

Anyway, I’ve worshipped a lot of BROAD feet – which I so love!

Like my own girly broad feet!

But long feet!

I love those long soles!

So manly for one – even on Madam!

When she’s lying there, legs spread, without a care in the world (cucks dont get sex anyway!) – naked or not – you pressing her LONG soles … they just tower, they are so dominating, they are bigger than your face…

And there’s more to press “upwards” if that makes any sense.

Not that broad feet (less long) aren’t any less luscious or attractive – they are massaged differently.

I suspect Nandini Memsahib’s Mom, who we talk about all the time “Badi Malkin”‘s feet are like that.

Both Mom and daughter are SUCH GODDESSES!

So I wrote two odes to them.

One here, one here


And on that note, I’ll let you go.

I love long soles!

(Oh and then a lady “Kat” messaged me this morning.


She wasn’t quite that rude. HEhe. But that was the gist!

But I’m happy to retweet her. Hey, I’ve written about her before too! Another true Goddess, lovely LONG soles! Maybe that is what finally sparked this email, initially, “lovely long soles” was going on in my mind, but I Was not sure what to write. Hehe. )

I love women in general. Hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up “Serving an Indian Goddess” now – its truly one of the best femdom related books you’ll ever read. In terms of Chinese femdom, they’re ALL gems, but the Madam Carrie series – another hugely underrated, yet so lovely book. Those nails, oh my! Perfect Madam Carrie..!

PS #2 – Yum to long dongs too! But we all know THAT, hehe.

(even though some apparently dont service Madam well! )

(like an ex said, the longer they are, the more plumbing issues they have).

Well, thats true, it was the same lady that told me slim guys have the loveliest biggest dicks, and she was right!

So she must be right about this too. She’s always right, actually. Hehe.

But those long dongs, keeping them hard can be a challenge, but thats what FLUFFERS – and cock worshippers are for!

And thats why YOU, cock lover, need to pick up Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots now.

Learn, implement, and do. It will be the loveliest thing you ever see and do, seeing that long dong wave up and down in front of you, sucking it so well – keeping him horny forever! Nothing like a stud with a flat sexy stomach and the DONG (curved!) bobbing up and down with NO help required! 

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