The acid smell of rank, SWEATY ass…

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The acid smell of rank, SWEATY ass…



It’s different, isnt it?

In the book “The White Tiger” – later actually made into a movie by the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra (well, she acted in it) – and some of the scenes, you cucks and sissies would LOVE the way the servant is humiliated (sad, but true, happens in real life) … the writer made a statement to the effect of

“Once the smell of another man’s feet gets on your hands, you never really wash it off”.

Or something like that (this was after giving his employer foot massages for hours, washing his feet repeatedly while he relaxed, drank whiskey) – sort of the same thing I used to do so much for “Priyanka” in Serving an Indian Goddess!

He’s right to a degree.

I’d take it to another level and say “once the smell of RANK ass – ass cracks – and assholes – gets your breath – and tongue – there is no washing it off!”

Often times, after lengthy ass worship sessions I’ll thoroughly brush my teeth, floss, etc – some girls have giggled about it, but hygiene first!

I do it without any “saran wrap” etc – I prefer to put tongue direct for max feeling for HIM – and HER!

It’s so NICE!

And worshipping that lovely rump, there’s so many ways to do it, especially if it’s Madam Megan’s husband!

“Ma’am, can I wash his dirty laundry”, I keep asking her in a beseeching tone, which she laughs uproariously!

“You gay!” 

But his ass crack is especially hairy … YUM!

So many ways to worship ass, but it all starts with kissing the lovely, luscious butt cheeks like they were God (or Goddess).

Kissing every INCH of them, thanking them …

Inhaling the BREATH from them (penis breath? I’d say ass breath too! Hehe).

Having her – or him – literally “sit on your face!”

And of course, my favorite … putting my tongue deep, deep in – literally tongue fucking her – or his – asshole, and if its a his, pretend to reach his lovely P spot! (you wont be able to do that, but the further in it goes, the more you work – the more he enjoys!).

Licking the perennial region for men comes naturally with it …

So many different ways to worship ass – I just told you three!

Ass Worship Central, when I do write it, will contain around 25 different ways, or at least 20 – to do it!

All the same, but that little bit makes the difference.

What remains same?

That rank, sweaty smell!

Even if it’s a freshly washed ass – or asshole – that smell of buttcheeks sticking together – always there!

And that is what I was thinking of this morning.

Oh my!

If you’re into ass worship – the Pooja Memsahib and  Indian Goddess series (the sequel really gets into it) will DO it (though a lot of my Chinese femdom books are heavy on ass worship too).

It’s just so nice for her – and him! They just lie there, enjoy … and if its a man, you get to worship his cock and balls too from down there!

Or she does, while you service his ass.

Its humiliating to an extreme – it gives them extreme pleasure – and sissies and cucks explode at the very thought of it. What more could one want?!

Lick his ass too, BOY! 

And that, my friend is “enough said”.

Back soon!


Mike watson

PS – Don’t forget to pick up the 25 odes to Pooja Memsahib while you’re at it – and the 15 odes to Perfect Madam Susan!  

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