What supreme, absolutely perfect, holy, royal and DIVINE perfect Madam – Goddess – Gia got wrong (imho).

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What supreme, absolutely perfect, holy, royal and DIVINE perfect Madam – Goddess – Gia got wrong (imho).



In my most humble sissy opinion.

But, as youll see later, Madam is always right! Hehe.

She posted something about simping to her, I believe (I believe one of her contacts “liked” a post on Twitter I made, I cannot remember which one, and I chanced upon Ma’ams profile).

This is what Madam posted, along with a caption saying “you’re acting like the deadbeat you are!” and an “evil” sort of picture.

You’re a fucking loser in general, but in my presence you’re nothing more than a speck lucky enough to exist on the bottom of my boot findom femdom cashslave humanatm


Now there, the vibe was so perfect!

And naturally, my sissy self had to reply.

Ma’am you’re nothing short of perfect and lovely!

And I meant every word. Hehe. I’d say and think even if she wasn’t every bit that perfect, demanding, bratty, domineering and lovely

What REALLY Made me say it though was one of her other comments.

I almost flooded my pants again listening to THIS – (or reading it, you’ll see why I said listening. Hehe)

I’m getting over a head cold from last night and sneezing like crazy, and I had this random thought that there would almost certainly be more than a few slaves that would beg and pay for the opportunity to consume my snot.😂😂

YES MA’AM!!! You are so right, so NICE! Yes, I’d pay to eat your snot, boogers, and whiff you know what all day!

Not to mention her used condoms. Hehe. And the like.

Seriously though, I’m so sorry to read Madam has a bad head cold, as everyone knows that is no fun, she deserves her head massaged for as long as she likes, or whatever.

But anyway – this comment.

In response to mine.

Spectacular. Now write me a poem about how perfect I am and pay me to listen to it. ✍

Now, this is true!

I should do that, maybe Iwill!

But the 1% in life matters, my friend, and femdom is no different. Findom isn’t either. Male dom isn’t either. Nothing is.

Plus, the other thing, the VIBE is what counts, and that post?

Well, with all due humble, grovelly respect …

Madam got it JUST That bit wrong!

Not only did that come across as a tad needy, but more importantly, the creative  process just can’t be rushed, Ma’am.

It happens when it does.

A long time ago, perfect Madam Susan, as I’ve written about SO much demanded I write a book on her.

so did Madam Summer, in that same picture (you may or may not find her) – her of the PINK slippers!

Both these lovely OLDER – one approaching 50, one OVER it – and utterly LOVELY gorgeous ladies are very demanding, but they never said do it “now”.


15 odes to perfect Madam Susan just happened one day out of the blue, as did 25 odes to Perfect Pooja Memsahib ji!

I’ve no doubt it’ll happen with Goddess Gia as well, and she is right actually.

Write me a poem, boy!

But that much would have been sufficient.

Steve Jobs once spoke about the 1% being the most important too.

He also spoke about the “little details” that no-one bothers about.

His father, I believe, once told him a story about a piece of carpentry that everyone was obsessed with the front, but Jobs (if I recall correctly) made sure to design the BACK with that same obsessive compulsive “perfectumondo” “order” (if I might say so!) as well.

Even though the customers will never see it, or care, he said, the same care must be taken.

It’s the little details that matter.

Ma’am did get it a bit wrong there, and judging from her follower count, following count etc – I’m not sure it’s a genuine findom doing it, or a fake, or even a lady .

Lots of fakes out there for one, the vibe was OFF on this one.

But anyway, who am I to say it. Hehe.

But THIS Goddess has it SPOT on. SO SPOT ON!

This lovely Ma’am understands fully the value and utility of TEASING, but not being direct all the time – ther eis a time, place and WAY to be direct, but the best sellers are indirect (yours truly. HEhe) – and findom is no different, my friend.

It’s about give and take, not take take take or give give give, although it might seem that way. That ain’t how life or BDSM or anything works, plain and simple!

And the lovely Filipina Goddess, just looking at her makes me cum in my pants (cum would be extreme, “flood” my pants, because the seed just flows out, I can’t control it, like the sissy I am!) or almost, she GETS it.

So much so I’d literally eat her shit if she asked me to. I’d pay her to poo, actually, I’d thank her for it!

(Not really, but you get the point!)

As do most others I write about …

And if you as a Goddess want a FREE introduction on one of the most popular and best sites ever, do write back – let me know!

Hey, people with “10 x times” follower counts badger me to “promote them” (and the more they pester, the less I do it) on this site.

There is a reason for that.

Vibes are part of it, and being the “real Mc Coy of REAL femdom” is part of it.

There’s others too!

OK, thats it for now.

I’ll be back later!


Mike Watson

PS – Ma’am, you’re so right. You always are.

It would be the greatest honor of my life to write an ode to YOU, and please, sissy pretty please allow me to just promote you for free.


Because you’re a supreme Queen, and Goddess, and you deserve it!

Paye Lagu, Madam. Truly nothing but the GRIME under your sole and the jam between your toes, or ass, or worse!

PS #2 – Speaking of asses, and what comes out of them, it wouldn’t be right to end this one without a mention of Pooja Memsahib – and of course the lovely Jyoti – or Priyanka – which have you in – Serving an Indian Goddess!!

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