The Indian Queen with the loveliest feet I ever saw . . .

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The Indian Queen with the loveliest feet I ever saw . . .



Paye lagu, Madam!

And as I think about her, the lady I first saw in 2009, oh-so-dominant, oh-so-confident and oh-so . . . LOVELY in all regards, those are the first thoughts that come to mind.

For those that don’t know, that is something the gorgeous Ms. Priyanka taught me to say (in the RIGHT accent too, BOY! ;)) and you the reader and avid fan of the Indian Goddess series know what I mean!

Paye Lagu, Malkin. Paye Lagu, Memsahib . . . JI!

Paye Lagu, Madam . . . JI!

As Garima Madam taught me (with many a kick to the balls — ouch!) never forget the “Ji!” (It’s a term used to signify respect in Hindi, one of India’s national languages).

The tale I wrote dedicated to Garima Madam . . . JI! Garima Madam’s bitch, by Mike Watson

And as I think about the lovely lady I’m about to tell you (a lady who by all “external” and “common” yardsticks wouldn’t even be good looking, and probably would be called “fat” etc) . . . those are the terms that come to mind, and all these years later, I still feel that imperious GAZE of her upon me as I passed her gate, as she would sit with her feet up on the table haughtily as her servants brought her water (yes, she had a male servant too!).

And of course her lovely 16 year old daughter, who is probably past 25 at the age of writing this, and a Goddess in her own right!

I don’t know what it is about Indian women, but a lot of them seem to have the loveliest FEET — and soles ever!

Broad, lovely feet … usually almost always pedicured (if one can afford it, or if as Ms. Priyanka had, have a servile male ready to admister said service daily, sometimes multiple times a day) …

Madam ji, paye lagu!

And the toes almost always painted RED, that sexy, DARK red color that contrasts so well with the “fair” Indian skin tone that you see in the North and sometimes in other places …

Now yes, Chinese girls do have lovely feet, and in terms of true femdom I’d still say China (the mainland) is probably the best place to be — but India comes a close second, hehe.

And in my travels there, hark back to 2009, I believe it was … a long, long time ago …

Before the COVID hit … before any of the other madness that happened in the years bygone happened.

My, time flies doesn’t it?

I was living in New Delhi at the time with my partner, and there was a lady that lived opposite us.

A big lady …actually, FAT. Rolls of fat if I might say so, and she’d probably not be counted in anyone’s book as “sexy” or attractive.

She had a 16 year old daughter in high school who WOULD!

But back to the lady … she had the loveliest feet ever, my friend.

Lovely, BROAD feet … lovely toes, succulent toes ALWAYS painted red (and she wore red saris too if I recall right) … and she’d often sit outside sunning herself as I (surreptitiously) looked on from our apartment on the second floor (I believe it was).

This tale is part of the Indian Femdom Recollections by Mike Watson. If you enjoyed THIS story — you’ll love the BOOK!

And she was so dominant, that vibe just FLOATED up every time I saw her, and for those into true femdom, you know what I mean, my friend.

One times, our eyes met, and she looked at me in a haughty manner before turning away and going back in the house. And that day I think my partner (at the time) must have given me about 3 ruined orgasms, if not more!

“She loves to show herself off”, my partner giggled, with that look in her eye when women have when they’re appraising other women … that cool, calculated, CUNNING look that is so natural to women if you know what I mean!

Anyhow, her daughter would often be cleaning the house and doing housework, and she had lovely feet too but nowhere as lovely as Mom’s, but still lovely enough, with the toes usually painted silver, and she had the SAME haughty arrogance and/or demanor about her.

It’s never about age, my friend. Its all about the mind, and as last night an older lady (Vietnamese lady) showed up in my dreams, she was sexy as heck. Oh so sexy, and her daughter was talking to me, but she was nowhere NEAR as attractive.

I’ve often been pilloried and made fun of by “those in the so called know”, hehe for wanting “older women with a gaggle of kids” — but little do these guys know — that AGE is NEVER important, my friend.

And of course, their results show — and so do mine — and on that note as I silently pay obseiance and HOMAGE to the lovely lady I spoke about, I wish I could have been underfoot all those years ago!

And more on ladies and ATTRACTING femdom to you in all it’s shapes, forms and guises in the next experience — — if you can spot it, hehe.

And to end this one off, HERE is my Complete Guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland — a highly popular and much acclaimed course — grab it right HERE —


Mike Watson

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