So, Sophia Ma’am just called me a pyschopath!

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So, Sophia Ma’am just called me a pyschopath!



I’m not sure if Madam knows the meaning of the word, hehe. Upon questioning her, it was something a friend (guy) called her years and years ago, and why did HE say that

She said she wanted to sleep on a mattress full of money.

Thats all.

And that was his response.

Typical loser, I told Sophia, laughing. HE doesnt have any money himself, probably did nothing but a staid, regular old job, probably wants to be dominated and so forth …

“You Western men are so strange, you just like dominant women! Asian man want obedient woman. Strange, different!”

I then proceeded to explain to her that tons of Asian men love being dominated, and not necessarily all from the West want to be dominated.

As for where yours truly fits in, I will let YOU figure it out.

Truly the chameleon incarante I am – I used that word (incarnate) a LOT of times in a conversation with Sophia.

It all started off with my repeated odes to Gong Li, of course – and thats why she called me a pyscho! Hehe.

Or, so she said. 😉

I’ve been asking her repeatedly about Gong Li, why she didnt like her, and so forth (she doesnt, but later admitted “maybe I’m wrong, she has more positive than negative” – in her own words) …

And though she wasn’t answering for days, finally it came.

“She cheated on Zhang yi yi!”

Maybe because of her ARROGANCE!

I didnt know who dude was, I asked her, no response, so I goggled, some director (I didnt goggle at him. Hehe).

Seems OK, regular guy, apparently Gong Li slapped him around quite a bit too, and publicly called another actress a moron.

So what, I told Sophia.

“You like to slap men around too!” 

“And if hes that much of an utter fool to let her slap him and he does nothing, well, he deserves it!”

(and I asked her if she liked the Director, apparently “no”, so..)

…. and then, of course, I couldn’t control myself.

“I’d let Madam Slap me ALL day – And I’d kiss her feet and apologize”. 

“Those ARMS! SO FAT, SEXY!” 

That skin, accent, everything about Gong Li is DELECTABLE, I’ve said it before!

And after all that?

“Id thank her, and make violent love to her, spreading her legs WIDE apart, NOT with a condom either!” 


I had no idea Gong Li did all this until I googled.


I just know why I’m so attracted to her!

I doubt she’s slap me, but I’d happily let her, and kiss her palms for it. Hehe.

And all these comments caused Madam Sophia to label me a pyscho – at least initially.

Dont believe me?

I’ve got screenshots. Hehe.

I then asked her if making love without a condom qualified one to be a looney tune, and if she with two kids was one too…

“Fucking go away!”


I SO love comparing women and talking to women about women!

And ESPECIALLY one dominant woman with another!

Sophia is dominant and bratty as they come, of course.

“Yeah, she’s your Queen!” she replied snottily.

“I’ve give my life to sleep with her, or just kiss her ONCE”, I responded.


Gong Li is a Queen and Goddess – lots of her movies are utter shit, but that dont mean nothing to me – the woman is a GODDESS!


Anyway – Sophia does too, and the whole conversation turned me into asking if I could paint her face white if you get my drift, her glasses.

And her palms.

Venus Ma’am, are you listening? Hehe.

I wont get into that further.

But it’s interesting how RAGING lust, and DOERS – that DO – get qualified as pyschos, because the rest of the world is too stupid to follow their hearts and desires which I Do daily!

Anyway, I’ll gladly Massage Sophias feet as she lies there on that mattress full of money (she already has my bank account) – and massage her feet, lick her, even if she did not let me have SEX with her, talk about her many lovers – and Gong Li, of course.

Life is good!

Gong Li, Ma’am, if you ever read this, PLEASE slap me in public.

I’ll say thank you and lick your shoes, and simp for you my entire LIFE! 


And we got into money etc, how both Sophia (with my cash) has way more than me, how all the girls I’ve been with or dated have – how I could care less.

I’m interested in the WOMAN. Not  anything else!

The rest is all fluff.

RAGING LUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if you’re a true fetish or femdom lover – or maledom, TRUE – you understand this better than anything else.

OK, enough of this.

But as I was putting in the links for this one, I remembered Sophia doesnt like cum on face – YET. Hehe.

Or on glasses, apparently.

Madam Aa Ling didnt mind, of course, we all know what happened there!

As for Gong Li, if I could do it once, I’d happily end my life thereafter.

Nah. Not really, but you get my drift!

Sophia of course gave me permission to cum after all.

“Hand job”, she giggled.

“Nah”, I replied. “I did that when I was 13”

I then responded to her question about did it feel good (duh, of course) – and how it’s better to wait for the REAL Thing …

I haven’t quite explained my preference for staying chaste as yet, but I will soon. Hehe.

Anyway ……………………………

To read more about my odes to Gong Li, go here –

And pick up some pyschopathic books right NOW.


Mike Watson

PS – Hannibal would be proud. And Gong Li’s accent in that movie is SO DAMN CUTE!

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