Recognizing her by her SOLES alone.

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Recognizing her by her SOLES alone.



And nothing but!

This morning, I was sleeping in – after waking up at 6 AM.

Lots on my mind (not femdom related) – and I decided to take a break, close my eyes, and let my subconscious mind make sense of what is going on – a LOT!

I won’t mention all that here, but its all leading up to something very good – that I Do know!

And when I woke up – … I saw a message from … Madam Megan! 


I was so happy!

I hadn’t heard from her in a while – you on this list know her already, of course. If you dont, shoot me an email back, I’ll refresh your memory, she’s given ME some of the best memories ever!

Shes looking for krill oil to help with joint pain … And of course, without preamble, she asked me.

“Help me! “


Which I did, I chatted with her too, out of the blue she sent me a message.

“He said he was learning dance! Take a look at this”.

Now, the translator translated “she” to he. Yes, she had told me she was learning classical dance, as I saw the video, she was as beautiful as ever – but her face wasn’t in focus, but as she lifted one foot up – one LONG foot – the sole and balls of the foot dirty – I – KNEW!

“Madam, I’d know those soles anyway”, I giggled.

And I would!

Not just with her, with most women I’ve been with, I can recognize them by their soles alone – so proficient was Madam Susan in teaching me about “talking to her soles – NOT her” – hehe.

And as I looked at that sole, I felt that familiar lust rising …

And … well, this is what that email is about !

Hope y’all had a GREAT July 4th – and pick up some books if you haven’t already – they make for a perfect “at home” present!


Mike Watson

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