The gang of predatory women that enslaved me, and why the Chinese “keep homosexuals away from their beauties”!

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The gang of predatory women that enslaved me, and why the Chinese “keep homosexuals away from their beauties”!



Well, well, well!

I just received an outstanding review for “Krystal – the Teaching Assistant – Volume One” from a reader Paula – and given this is the FIRST Volume of a series that was never meant to go beyond two, but ended up with three books – and two sequels – 5 in all – it’s quite a review!

She’s already reviewed some of the other books, but this one is most interesting, and rings so true – and she’s said it SO adroitly as usual!


Here goeth –

Krystal –The teaching assistant 1 REVIEW

In this book you will learn why Mike had to be submissive. Of course, knowing female
organized crime is somewhat surprising. First they put the bait, they investigate you
well to be able to extort you as much as possible and even though they have the
money, they give nothing but gall.

Mike has been a good person with these women
of the underworld. That is why the Chinese, knowing that this is so, keep
homosexuals away from their perverted beauties, so that they can do their good

Also, that is why the Chinese do not like blacks, and it is because if you
try to do the same thing to a black, I assure you that that same day Krystal
disappears from the face of the earth and it would be the day that we would not know
where his corpse remains.

Mike is hated as much as possible because he knows English very well, but what
happens in a criminal mind like those of these women, it’s simple, they never studied,
but they did learn to look like they work, although they never do and to observe who
is his next victim, that’s all. What an easy life!

Sextortion or sexual extortion is a form of sexual exploitation, in which a person is
induced or blackmailed —generally by Internet messaging applications— with an
image or video of themselves naked or performing sexual acts, through sexting.

In general, the extortionists communicate with the victims through false profiles on
social networks under the guise of good intentions. The victim is coerced into having
sexual relations with someone, giving more erotic or pornographic images, money
or some other consideration, under the threat of spreading the original images if they
do not agree to the extortionist’s demands. It is also commonly used as a blackmail
measure to bring out LGBT people who keep their true sexual orientation secret.

With the massification of smartphones, together with the improper use of the Internet
and cameras —especially in minors and older adults with little understanding of
these devices—, this problem has increased.

Mike suffers from this harassment and experiences it as a hostage of this gang of
criminals. He has to live through physical and psychological torment, in addition to
monetary theft.

God save Mike! and Hell for these demons!

Enjoy Vivid Injustice by Watson!

Paula Banda Rendón

She put it SO WELL!


The psychological is the best part, of course – my books focus most on the MIND, and the cunning way in which femdom is SO “intertwined” into daily life in China, most people dont realize it, but the women that do it DO realize it…

It is also interesting how she brought the aspect of “organized crime” into this book – while there was nothing officially like that at Happy Giraffe, hehe – she is SPOT ON – the THINKING is what counts, and all those women described in the book have a gang mentality – you’ll see the physical aspects manifest in Volume Two, Paula – if you haven’t read that already – as they put me through some brutal torture in the book! Hehe.

Now, the “black” part – so interesting, could be very controversial too, hehe. To me, what I’ve seen is the Chinese have a preference for white skin over all, but that isn’t necessarily because of what she says, although that DOES play a part into it i.e. “poor countries, more crime etc”, there are two things essentially – one, Chinese value fair skin above all because traditionally “if you have dark skin you’re a peasant working in the fields” – that pesky little detail about MONEY again! Hehe – and two, of course, because to them the whiter the nation is, the more money it has.

(or maybe white guys just have more Asian fever and are seen as “weak” despite being strong elsewhere (financially etc) hehe – but that isn’t necessarily true either. Chuckle again)

(the real reason again – MONEY! Hehe or the lack thereof, the PERCIEVED lack thereof!)

I’m not sure Madam knows my own ethnicity. Hehe.

But again – the MIND is what counts, and from that perspective, she has got it SPOT ON!

God save Watson indeed – perhaps a Goddess did!

Paula is truly a God(dess) send, though … hehe.

Now – my OTHER books deal with this topic (gangs of women) in even more brutal and “direct” detail. Hehe. You’ll see them below!

Anyway, before I end this, here is what I sent back to Paula –

Hi Paula,

Thanks so much for the review – from a very interesting standpoint at that! I was going to review the latest translation you sent in, but I’m going to let THIS review sink in first – awesome stuff, super interesting way you put it too!

Going by the “gang mentality” part from the first paragraph – you would LOVE this book “25 million dollars” – it has a lot of “forced” homosexual activity in it after a woman cunningly baits a handsome young Greek guy into … hehe, but I’ll let you read the story first.

Another one you would love from that perspective is “The Double Agent” – a story that really rings true. Hehe. Enjoy the rest of your work Paula – and thanks again – much appreciated!


Mike Watson

And, another one along those lines is “Meeting Ms Chen“, especially the last part of the book!

Well, my friends, that is THAT for now.

Enjoy the books – and let me know if you purchase in bulk, I’ll do up a special discount for all those that do (a lot want to buy “en masse”, which is great!).


Mike Watson

PS – THIS is the most interesting part –

That is why the Chinese, knowing that this is so, keep
homosexuals away from their perverted beauties, so that they can do their good


She is so right, hard for women to work their wiles on truly homosexual men.

They love sissies though, so they can take them to gay bars and watch them service other men like Madam Wendy so enjoyed.

Muah! Hehe.

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