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Mike Watson is a writer, entrepreneur and fitness fanatic. Amidst “pounding” out books as and when the “will strikes him”, he also finds time to tend to his other writing and business ventures, and fitness pursuits.

Most, if not ALL of his writing is done “in the flow”, and is also written in a brutally honest, straight from the heart manner. As he says in his books (well, most of them) – “reality mixed in with a healthy dose of creative license (or spice) is what works the best” – and it is in that vein that most of his works have been written.


Some more “interesting” information is available via the front page of the blog.

Medium writings are available HERE – https://medium.com/@spicyanderoticfetish (but our blog has a lot more – but yes, follow us on Medium too – as there are MORE writings there that are of interest to TRUE femdom lovers!)

All our e-books can be downloaded from THIS site – instantly upon receipt of payment! 

For paperbacks, please let me know – I am not currently offering them “en masse”, but if you let me know, we’ll see what we can do, and work in a bit of a discount as welll! ?


She is a little shy, but here she is! Red lips, big innocent brown eyes and all … Hehe. 

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