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For “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” – remember, this is a MUST READ!

“Why would you love this book? Easy! 

Why am I saying this when I am not into BSDM relationships or have no experience with them? Again, easy, because I am a woman too.

It not only gives you the secret to understanding (and having) the perfect dominant lady of your dream, it also gives you the secret to having any woman you want.

The secret? WE WOMEN ARE NOT OBJECTS.  When you (man) can understand that simple phrase, you will have the girl of your dreams (and, of course, if you are not an asshole).

If you want to know more … of course, read the book.

BTW, have you heard about the  “sheng nv” phenomenon? No? Well, look it up too.” 

  • Daniela Di Luca (Spain)

For “15 ways to give him the RUINED ORGASM of his LIFE – and have him SALIVATING – FOR MORE!!

I forgot to send you the review of the book “ruined orgasm” so here you have (i will post in on Amazon when I get my account back lol) 

I read this book from a “vanilla” point of view and I most admit I read it without knowing what a ruined orgasm was. I only have to say wow! Very interesting book with specific techniques to use on guys. I am sure even if you are in a vanilla relationship using some of these tricks will drive you man crazy and will thank you for that! 
Daniela Di Luca (Spain)
I really enjoied the reading, I decided to translate it since I’m into BDSM and ruined (as well as forced) orgasm is one of my favorite play. I was curious to see if my technique was good enough and it has been very pleasant to see that almost everything you said in your book was already in my standard way of managing the ruined orgasm.
Elisa Pittalis (Italy)


Hi Mike, 

Great writing, man! Keep it coming!

Even if a few of the things are not my kink, its still really exciting. 

I am not sure if this is your email, or just a service one, but I am in a big need of an advice, can you get to me please? 


Thomas Malthus, China (in response to my email about a “perfect relationship!)

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