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And you know for a fact, my friend, that when Mike Watson recommends someone or something, and rates it (or them) FIVE STARS – he means every word and then some!

THESE are the guys that brought all of my great, outstanding and BESTSELLING English books to “the light of day” in many markets – Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, and the list keeps GROWING!

And truly, some of them have done such awesome work that I just have to mention them here.

I’ve given them 5 star ratings elsewhere, this is just another way of me showing gratitude and appreciation and “giving back!” . 

Hey, who knows, like my recommendation helped Dani (one of our great translators from Spain) find work (in another vertical) – someday, it might help some of these people – and YOU!

Of course, if you’re looking to submit your work to use for publication, and THEN have it translated into a different language we support, remember, you gotta submit to me first and go through that process – FIRST.

After that, we can discuss language translations!

Otherwise, these are the guys. If someone has genuine interest in their work (after you read their fine, fine translations of my books) – then let me know, and we’ll see what we can do.

Thank you guys – you truly have helped, and nigh continue to do is my quest to take REAL FEMDOM – GLOBAL!

Pablo Lionel Giglo  (Spanish translations)

(Has translated the Madam Carrie series, “Miss V Beauty Salon“, and probably more in the future!)


Hello, my name is Pablo Lionel Giglio, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I am 36 years old.

Since my childhood I have been translating books from English to Spanish because I am the only one in my family who speaks the language, so I used to read to my cousins. (now I do it for my son and nephew).

I am passionate about reading since I was a child, especially reading English literary works, even though my native language is Spanish. I would be honored if you would allow me to translate your book into Spanish so that many more people can appreciate your writing and your book. I

am a very fast worker, I dedicate all my time to writing and translations, I am responsible and, besides putting professionalism to what I do, I add love to it. If you want to contact me and get to know me through a message, don’t hesitate to do it.

Best regards Pablo

(Mike’s comments – one amongst many –  surely one of my best, if not THE best translator yet – such great reliability, sticks to deadlines no matter what (gets his work done no matter what AHEAD OF TIME) – LOVES doing what he does – is PASSIONATE about his work – and femdom too which he enjoys – the more I say about this great guy, the less it is! – Thank you, Pablo – much appreciated!)  (Not to mention, he pays perfect attention to line breaks, existing spacing etc in docs I send him – as it should be – great job!) 

Sergio Daza V (Spanish translations)

(He’s translating the “Serving an Indian Goddess” series into Spanish, and likely more, and doing a great job!)

My name is Sergio D.V., I am a young academic, experienced administrative worker, lover of diverse cultures, passionate about learning and focused on giving my best in each project.

Since I was in high school I developed and started to let grow a deep love in English language as a result from getting to know the North-American culture that is partially involved in every other single culture around the globe (such as TV, markets, services, products, uses, etc.),

English is one of the most common idioms spoken practically everywhere, so I decided to take it on and get to learn more of it, have differents experiencies, and perhaps sooner or later become to travel to an english speaking country and spread out even more my learning of the language and cultural manners.

My personal values are: Work efficiently, Investigate thoroughly about something before giving out any view Being condescend, Empathic, Responsible, Helpful, Initiative, Solidary And a communicative co-worker.

Graduated with honors from high school, I’ve been studying sociology as a career in the study of human social behavior and every single social aspect that molds personalities of individuals in a particular society, as my passion is to understand and comprehend the reason of how come people do determined things in a specific time and location.

I’m here with the intention to bring Spanish-speaking community the opportunity to read about any literary masterpieces you could have for them.

(Mike’s comments – Awesome work by Sergio – great attention paid to the minute details that are always important when translating from languages such as English into languages not quite as “similar” (such as Spanish). Friendly, easy to work with – and rectifies mistakes if any asap. Highly recommended!)

(and, we certainly have plenty of literary Mistress Pieces, if I might say so!) 

Maruicio Eduardo Flores (Spanish translations)

He’s translated the bestselling “Pooja Memsahib… JI!” – Volume one into Spanish, and will soon do Volume Two (and hopefully more) as well. Great work, Mauricio!

By the way, here is my biography for your website and I wrote it in the third person because when your readers read it, it’s like you tell them something about me (hehe), you only confirm if it’s okay: “Mauricio Eduardo Flores Pérez was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, on April 27, 1993.

He is a Computer Technician by profession and currently a student of Telecommunications Engineering. Due to the strong influence of the United States on his country, he began to study English at the age of 15 at the Pedagogical University of El Salvador, one of the main private universities in the country, where he finished said studies in the language at 18 years.

In 2013, he was hired by the Municipal Mayor of Soyapango to manage a municipal library, but the deficiencies in the English language of the adolescents of the city and his high sense of empathy led him to become a teacher of English at a basic level, reinforcing aspects elementals of the language such as nouns, verb forms, adjectives and the most used verb tenses in everyday communication.

In 2015 he performed his university social service as an English-Spanish oral interpreter at the 55th International Congress of Americanists, serving as part of the congress protocol team, specifically intervening with congress attendees who did not speak Spanish but spoke English regardless of their nationality. Since 2017, he has provided his services as a translator of legal documents of all kinds, especially those required to qualify for US citizenship through the Embassy of the United States of America in El Salvador.

He currently also works as a Spanish language translator of books originally written in the English language. “

(Mike’s comments – Mauricio is a great guy to work with – and his work is superb! He paid attention to the content of the book, translating “as is” with emphasis on the subtle differences on how to “Express things in different languages” as it were … and, he kept the formatting etc exactly as it was -which is what I wanted.

Great work – thank you – and I highly recommend him!)

Daniela Di Luca (Spanish translations)

She’s translated our great manuals – three of them so far namely “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China“, “15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE and have him SALIVATING for MORE!“, “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations” – and no doubt more coming !

Bio coming soon.

Mike’s comments -Dani is an awesome person to work with. She’s “done” two of my books already – and I cannot recommend her enough. Professional, gets the job done on time, and pays attention to the fine details which really count. Thank you, Dani!

Roberto Reffray V (Spanish translation)

For Cuck Central so far.

 A graduate in translation and interpretation, he has translated several books on fiction, Chinese medicine, cartomancy, astrology and cooking. He is also a musician, chef and acupuncturist.

Mikes comments – Easy to work with – and implements feedback as gotten from the author. Good job Roberto!

Maria Ochoa (Spanish Translation)

For Cuckold Compilations thus far





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