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YES, you FOOL!

The ROLL OF HONOR … ahem, pun intended!

The Spicy and Erotic Fetish “hall of shame” !

(to be featured, make the payment via the link HERE).

Rob from the USA!

Has a lovely, lovely THICK – and curved DONG, hits the spots so well!


This is Rob from the USA, someone who wanted to be outed on Twitter – so – I obliged.

Then, he wanted to be outed here – so, again, always happy to “slob” – and oblige – especially with such a lovely, luscious cock as he’s got!

He’s just into exposing himself, and he looks great, doesnt he? Especially that dong, he was standing next to a girl, my eyes (and lips) were auto drawn to his DONG!

In his own words –

Beta Fag “Glyn “Bozo” Schofield” currently residing in “Brum”, Birmingham England. 



 This guy is a REAL piece of work … A troll, scammer, and a vile, racist, abusive person to boot. I was NOT going to out him here – after all, this is supposed to be fun, but given all the women he’s threatened, and people whose lives he’s ruined (or tried to) – innocent women he’s scammed upon and STOLE money from – he deserves, this and more.


The screenshots below are just ONE sample of this …

Research #bozoschofield on the internet, and on THIS site, and many others – my friend who is into fitness has called him out – a LOT – and he deserves it!

Guys – and ladies -let’s out this fucker – he doesnt deserve to BE On this page to begin with despite his payment, but anyway, look at the little dickie… ?


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