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“Serving up” some great discounts for our great customers and REAL femdom lovers!

This page is where we have special coupons that YOU can apply towards your purchases, offers, great discounts for our customers and more. Check back often – these are updated regularly!


ONE membership that gets you EVERYTHING we have (in digital format!)

  • Access to all our books, products, and courses DIGITALLY – forever, as long as your membership stays active!
  • A FORUM to discuss your experiences, stories and anything you care with your fellow femdom lovers.
  • Personalized replies from yours truly – more so than you’d get normally.


  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per six months until cancelled

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Watson faithful membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Do remember to check out our REWARDS page for ongoing special offers and discounts - applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Watson faithful membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Do remember to check out our REWARDS page for ongoing special offers and discounts - applicable to YOU!



(all offers in this section applicable to digital downloads, paperbacks, and hardcovers (where available))


USD 10 discount on all purchases made using the Site Wallet (accessible via “My Account”)


We’ve always been huge on reviews, my friend – and for a very good reason – GENUINE reviews help us get the word out – and YOU choose – and decide!

And that is why we have a review link in each purchase email. Use it, review our products – and get a flat 10% off your next purchase (coupon code will be emailed to you!)


Here are two great discounts to be gotten off two of most POPULAR COMPILATIONS!

  • Flat 20% off if you buy the Serving an Indian Goddess Series compilation!  (either one of the compilations) or Garima Madam Compilation!

Discount will be auto applied during checkout!

(Ends November 30, 2021)

    ** Extended till Jan 15, 2022 – HURRY! **



To reward our loyal and returning customers, we are currently offering an “unprecedented” 15% off your purchase – no matter what you buy. This discount will be AUTO APPLIED during checkout – no need to input any special codes!

REWARDING you for being a true femdom lover – ALWAYS!

(Ends Nov 11, 2021 – so hurry!) 

(NO minimum order “value” required) 

** Offer REACTIVATED – till Jan 25, 2022 – hurry!**


$20 should be a special number for you sissies and faggots out there, hehe. ’nuff said!

USE CODE SISSYSPECIAL to get a USD 20 discount off the following courses (minimum order US$100!) 

Courses this is applicable upon –

  • A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland
  • Sissy Central!
  • Sissygasm Central!
  • Nipplegasm Central!
  • 15 ways to give him the RUINED ORGASM of his LIFE! and have him salivating – for MORE!
  • Cuck Central!
  • The Sissy READER!

(Can be used ONCE per customer)


Share our products on social media during checkout – and use the code SOCIALSHARING – and get 5% discount applied to your purchase (no minimum order value required!)


If there is one lady that embodies PERFECTION – out of so many – findom au extraordinnaire – and of course, HUMILIATION – it is the ravishing and COMMANDING, and SNEERING, DOMINATING – PRINCESS JOANIE!

If you’re on the list, you’ve heard a lot about her and Pooja Memsahib … JI! (the latter being the older, yet equally sexy and attractive version of Madam!) … 

And THIS discount is for the books that SHE INSPIRED! 

Buy Cuck Central, Humiliation Central and Princess Joanie … and you get an auto, UNPRECEDENTED 30% off your purchase, no questions asked!

HUGE – and hurry, offer ends Nov 17, 2021

    ** Extended till Jan 25,2022  – HURRY! **

(Offer ONLY valid for the products listed above)


The most BLASE and debase of our femdom books as yet, and thats saying a LOT, eh. 

A heck of a lot! 

And Pooja is a lady that embodies humiliation, findom, ball kicking – and in general, femdom so WELL! – and most of all, the axiom of “it’s never about age , looks, body shape or what not – it’s about her MIND!” 

And that alone!

Paye Lagu… Madam … JI!

And in HER honor, use discount code PAYELAGU to get a SPECIAL 15% off either one of the two books in the series!  (or both, if you buy both at the same time!) 

Offer valid until Nov 30, 2021

                                    ** Extended till Jan 17, 2022 – HURRY! **


(Offer ONLY valid for the products listed above)



This is truly GOLDEN. 

For a limited period, any purchase made using the Site Wallet means you get a 20% CASHBACK on your purchase added to your Site Wallet.

This means you can use this cashback to buy more products as well in the future.

This PILES up quickly, and we might even allow you to use it ELSEWHERE (down the line) – so hurry, and add funds to your site wallet NOW! 

(Offer expires January 25, 2022)

(Cashback will be credited within 24 hours of making a purchase)

Terms and conditions –

Discount CODES cannot be bundled together i.e. you can avail of ONE discount per purchase if you’re using a code. However, auto discounts can be bundled together with codes (one at a time) provided the other conditions are met. 

Certain discounts are for repeat and returning customers only; this will be specified on the particular discount. 

Discount start and end dates (if applicable) are specified with the discount. 

In case you are eligible for more than one auto discount, the LARGEST discount applicable (based upon the currently active offers) shall be auto applied. 


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