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“Specials” (pun!) from the “creme la da creme of fetish and femdom” Mike Watson – tailored to sissies and fags out there! 



Sissy Central – 25 ways to morph into the perfect sissy. A MUST have for those of you (and there are tons!!) interested in sissification and/or related fantasies!

SISSY-GASM CENTRAL! – 17 ways to give him (or yourself) the sissygasm of “her” sissy LIFE – and the DEFINITIVE and ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND COURSE ON SISSYDOM! YES!

Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots – 25 Ways to WORSHIP your MASTER and his COCK like the FAGGOT you truly ARE, BOY!

PENIS CENTRAL! – 25 different types of those LUSCIOUS DONGS we all LOVE, and how to worship them so they keep coming back for MORE!

Sissy Confessions! Those confessions we all have, every sissy thinks – obsesses – takes it to bed with her – and more – thoughts that PLAGUE in a nice way – us all day long – thoughts we SO want to share with her, but sometimes can’t – and thoughts which ultimately shape what we DO! 

The SISSY READER! – A must read for all you sissies out there. Includes BOTH Sissy Central and Sissygasm-Central – as well as Cock Worship for Sissies and FAGGOTS! Truly a BARGAIN GRAB.

Penis Worship – the Compilation – By far the MOST COMPREHENSIVE COMPILATION ON PENIS WORSHIP – NEVER seen before mindblowing tips that will have any penis owner BEGGING for more!

Sissy WORKOUTS! – Get yourself -or your SISSY – in the best shape of her life to do what SHE does BEST – be a SISSY! Hehe.

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